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Dinesh D'Sousa is feisty. I wonder if he wants to be mayor of New York City.

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Nice. OK. Happy to hear from you.

I quibble that the Dems are also sending a clear message. It just isn't appealing, well not to us.

There is nothing unclear about the Dem message. Nothing at all.

"DEMOCRATS ARE PEACEFUL," cried one young woman, because, all the ones she knew personally certainly were.

The problem isn't with her family and friends, who are indeed nice people, non-violent people. She could not make the leap from her personal experiences to the leadership.

Sometimes silence is eloquent. It's not that prominent Dems have screamed, "ANTIFA IS WONDERFUL. ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS. WHITE PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE."

It's what they have NOT said. Most have said nothing at all. Their silence is deafening.

It's hard to notice an event that does not happen. We usually look at what happened, not what did not.

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Your pedely duty is to move somewhere purplish, where every red vote is vitally needed. Moving somewhere solidly red is pleasant, but duty calls.

Perhaps Texas. Or Florida.

A quiet drama in the background of all things is that if they turn Texas blue, all is lost. Texas very seriously considered Beto for the Senate. Really. Ted Cruz beat him, but narrowly. You see the problem.

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I looked at the website mentioned here, citydata dot com.

One thing that came up there is the median age of the whole US is 37. That's high. Time to have some babies.

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Cool. Many websites will make them for you. A great idea to spread knowledge of this site.

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Deep in their nonsense was that 2 1/2 plus 2 1/2 equals five. Yes, it does. And it always will.

They don't like the word "always."

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You probably mentioned this website.

He is probably on here. Nice encounter.

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Nothing practical to offer, but a wish of good luck.

The idea of showing your landlord evidence of your new job and date sounds good.

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Yes knitting was originally done by men, in the Middle Ages. Sailors could sew, both sails and clothes.

Gardening, too. Food. Four season gardening; Caleb Warnock teaches how to grow food in the dead of winter.

I like your resourceful attitude.

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I have more recent information than this video. I am told there is not much plywood left. There is still a little bit.

Some of the big stores have their glass, but the windows are curtained, inside.

The city is very quiet, I am told. No rush hour.

But this is an old video.

It's not that long ago, but many of the stores fixed the damage fast.

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He wrote a whole lot of books. They sound exciting. They are available online.

An amazing man.

RIP, Sir.

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Oh that's not hard at all. The left absolutely can't stand the Jews. That goes all the way back to Marx himself, who hated the Jews because he only wanted people to identify with their Class not any other group or affiliation.

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The artist is Jon McNaughton. He has a website and is very active today.

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Well. It is well known that married women vote to the right of single women.

You had better marry if you want some order.

What is needed in a spouse is brains, and the person should not have too many friends. Hardly any. Friends hate when you marry, obviously, they are losing you. They will always say so and so's nose is too big or something.

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