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While it is entertaining to watch a courageous New Zealand patriot confront the PC police, this video should scare the hell out of every freedom-loving individual and act as a jarring call to action.

You are witnessing the totalitarian fascist left playbook in action. First, the NZ government used a tragic Mosque shooting as a "crisis" to justify disarming the people. Next, they swiftly moved to censor speech through intimidation and the threat of penalties.

England is in an advanced stage of this process where her people are harassed, fined, and even jailed over social media posts deemed "hate speech" or otherwise unacceptable to the thought police. Unfortunately, the English people surrendered their right to bear arms long ago, so they have no defense against the open tyranny now forced upon them.

Make no mistake. The fascist left Democrat party and their allies are trying to run this playbook with the same end goat here in the United States. Disarm the American citizenry and immediately enforce speech and behavior control. Those of us who refuse to conform will be harassed, fined, investigated by the IRS, jailed or sent to "reeducation facilities", or shot. If you don’t think it can happen here then research the numerous statements from Democrat politicians who have openly advocated for reeducation, retaliation or violence against "climate deniers", trump supporters, "fundamentalist Christians" or anyone else whom they deem “undesirable.”

History warns us about how communist dictatorships disarmed their people before slaughtering by the tens of thousands anyone they deemed “undesirable”. Communists held senior positions in the Obama administration, at least one of whom openly expressed their admiration for Mao Zedong, the communist Chinese dictator who arguably qualifies as the greatest mass murder in history. Bernie Sanders, the current Democrat party front-runner for president, is a communist. While we could parse the semantic differences between fascist leftism and communism, the end result of both ideologies is the same, tyranny and death.

Transforming the U.S. into England or NZ is the goal of the fascist left Democrat party and why they and their allies are constantly working to take away your guns. It is precisely because of this existential threat to our American way of life, our constitution, and our freedom that we can never ever surrender our God-given right to keep and bear arms. Armed citizens are free citizens.

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