ValhallaGorilla -1 points ago

masks reduce droplet spread if a person is sick. needs to be done en masse similar to how hong kong or vietnam approached it early.

ValhallaGorilla 3 points ago

They know violent riots have the opposite intended effect on local elections

ValhallaGorilla 1 point ago

can they kick him off though? he would argue its election meddling and with his eo be would take it to supreme court

ValhallaGorilla 2 points ago (edited)

most places have observers from both parties that track votes/delivery/counting

count how many being sent, count how many received.

ValhallaGorilla 3 points ago

why not then make public your travel for everyone? why close your window blinds at night?

the less people know the better

ValhallaGorilla 5 points ago

because it was rushed and written in shortest time because nobody expected the trump inquisition

ValhallaGorilla 18 points ago

treatment protocols have improved too

people are put on different meds for hypoxemia rather than straight on ventilators

ValhallaGorilla 1 point ago (edited)

every doctor said it was pneumonia.

now they know it's not pneumonia

it's hypoxemia, completely different issue.

The standard that they had with ventiolators does more harm than good.

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