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Nothing should be changed. Delay the election or do it normal.

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What if instead people hurt him and Trump stayed in office? Would that be ok instead?

And this Virus proves that no matter how hard they try they cannot manufacture something that will make us hate Trump.

Only Trump can do that. But so far... He's been doing what he promised day after day like a soldier and he deserves respect.

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Its always all or nothing with them. They have no idea what moderation or temperance are do they? Fucking always the extremists.

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No matter how it happens, im sure we would all like to see an end to Chinese Communism.

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They have until next Wednesday to share the truth or Jones will expose their identities.

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This is Infowars. This isn't Breadcrumbs and Horseshit. This is the real world. ~Alex Jones

Alex has been with us for 26 years and I trust him.

Q is someone in the shadows on 4Chan and none of the important promises happened. People trusted the plan and it went nowhere. It was LARP to keep you DOING NOTHING and it worked on many good Pedes. Controlled opposition PSY OP that kept the political right from become 'extreme'.

Brilliant actually.

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3 Days after it started a Intel Agency highjacked.

Always knew it was a Psy Op.

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$10 says its Steve Bannon

In any case. The Happening is official cancelled.


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This guy gets it.

What if it really is kill or be killed and we end up being killed because we no longer have the stomach to fight?

Like I said, this planet is not going to be big enough for both China and the USA.

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That word is not as specific as your thinking. Im also not suggesting Global or Central Government so much as a Confederation of nations that share the same constitutional foundations as the USA. But for real. Not like in Canada.

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History suggests only maybe. We have lived our whole lives in peace time relatively speaking.

Look at history and how things play out and there is legitimacy to what im suggesting. The Deep State certainly was making War to push its agenda.

Can we really share this planet with China? India sure, they are good decent people who want to improve and be compassionate, they are the antithesis of China.

The fight is coming, you know that in your heart. How we choose to prosecute that fight is all that remains to be determined.

EG: China owns the overwhelming majority of rare earth metals we need for batteries.

EG: China controls our pharma industries as all the drugs are made there.

EG: All Chinese corporations are an extension of the Communist Party.

Their control over our society will only grow unless we stop them. The fight is coming. Thats the only thing one can be sure about. China is not about to change its global ambitions.

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Best we have right now. I agree and the parade of simple minded racists is sad.

Until we have a better option we need a place Google cannot touch.

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I probably should.

Having a hard time learning said-it and getting it ready.

Would love to have the same code this site uses but feel it would be improper to even ask somehow.

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On the right sidebar you can find lists of VPN's with lots of detail about each one to help you choose.

You will find lists of the top torrenting websites.

Almost all of these exist outside American legal jurisdictions. Use a VPN and your safe and free to do whatever you like.

Id also suggest using a PEER BLOCK or ACCESS LIST block lists to help reduce the number of hostile organizations that can connect to your system. Eg: Government/Academia/Legal Firms

Google. IBLOCKLIST for example.

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Im sure she is being objective and would never let her opinion of his personality get in the way of her objective assessment of his job performance.

After all, who better to judge our leaders then a washed up actress who played an ordianry boring kid on a ordinary TV Sitcom?

Who other than ACTORS can possibly be wiser and more intelligent to judge our leaders?


Milano is such a mental case and a cunt. What a waste of an attractive body to have that brain inside of it.

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China may as well attack us now while we are distracted. They will never get a better chance. They are going to learn what Japan learned in WW2. Never underestimate that United State of America.

There is no army more fearsome than one comprised of free men choosing to fight for their country when its in danger. China is going to know fear before this is all over. Specifically the ruling party.

Now if you will excuse me I must continue trying to track down which mansions in Vancouver Canada are owned by Chinese Communist Party members so I can post that on 4Chan later.

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I sincerely love his music and sincerely dislike the man. He is a POS.

Assange is foolish for letting him speak for him.

What he needs is the best Jewish lawyer money can buy.

Not a washed up racist old musician. FFS.

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I think we need to destroy CCP, Iranian Regime, and possibly choke Russia to death economically and make it impossibly for Russian Oligarchs to spend one cent in a Western nation.

North Korea can have a shot but one wrong move we can do them in to.

Its time once again for the United States America, a giant, to wake up, and kick some ass in a very scary way to make an example for the future.

China is worse than NAZIS. They also just killed hundreds of thousands of us.

All this history with their BS.

Its time to prepare to have a very serious War.

I hate to say it but we do not get to choose. War has already been thrust upon us.

You may not agree now. You will in a month.

Remember. They got the whole world and many nations will be hit much harder than USA. It may be America first but USA does have an obligation to mankind like it or not.

Frankly even if this is not a bio-weapon, I still support taking down the CCP.

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Like mindless NPC's?

What the fuck do you take me for?

Ive never wanted to downvote anything on this site until now.

Trump is the best but nobody is above questioning. NOBODY.

Don't act like little cheer leading bitches. Its beneath you and its beneath POTUS.

There is a difference between questioning policy choices and shitting on a great President. We can act like adults and self police on this site thank you very much.

I will not be told what is acceptable like on Reddit.

Pull that shit here and I will personally make a new site that does not do that and will spam this fucker day and night with the URL.


We can handle it, so can POTUS and we can deal with the BS one post at a time.

So far things are going great here and the shills have done fuck all to even slow us down. Anyone talking about language rules is no better than a Democrat.

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Chrust De PlaN!!! Duh.

*Drools on Shirt

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China needs to be excised from our economy. Don't wait for Government. Stop doing business with Amazon. Stop buying things made in China.

You have only one voice and one vote.


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