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Well they're certainly more guilty of FASH-ION!!!!!

Am I right, ladies?!?!?

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My what an informative post. Thanks for adding more noise to the shitfest.

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Gee, if I had a sub to any YouTuber or news network....

Break free of looking to one or two people to give you your info. You get 30 seconds of info in 10 minutes or more, and if you learned how to comb for info yourself you would have known whatever they are saying at least a day, and usually a week, prior.

Learn how to acquire information on your own, from a massive variety of sources. And video ain't one. Let others waste their time on video.

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The media are whores. They weeded out integrity long ago.


If you support President Trump, you're dead with management

Well then I would expect Tucker, Hannity, Laura and others to be marching out that door any moment, yessiree!

Taking the tweet at face value, of course.

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You lot over the pond

LOL! I like that!

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No he didn’t. Just more bait for the suckers.

As Mark Twain said... it’s easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled. That’s what we are watching real-time.

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Oh Ron, don’t be such a bohr.

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Oh golly, maybe he’s ok. Gosh, I think I might turn on Fox again just to see... LOL

Never watched this putz, or Fox. Never will.

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I recommend opening your horizons and listening to some different perspective

LOL, fuck off. You have no idea how much I take in. It's why I have the perspective I do and I see a lot of fools in front of me, easily duped, because you cling to this or that talking head.

Tell me, were you or are you a big fan of Fox or some of their hosts, like Carlson?

Also, Barnes constantly pontificates and is pretty hit and miss.

And here you are just adding noise from swinging dicks? You've added nothing of value and want to fight to defend it.

Boy... don't ever try and school me. You have no idea.

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