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They're afraid of the GOP bogeyman that CNN'S been perpetuating for years. Really they don't know what the fuck they're crying over, just ask them and you will see.

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I hope these faggots live up to their word (unlikely for democrats) and move back to whatever hellholes they came from. We don't want them and neither do their countries of origin I'm sure, but it's time for those nations take one for the team. They raised them, now they can deal with them.

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Same as the last one for the debate. Could we get an updated salt thread?

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"I Love It" with him and Kanye is a funny one. Not very tasteful, but it's fun nonetheless.

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I go with the cam uh luh approach as well. The amount of respect I have for that bitch is in the negative digits, so why should I bother learning how to say that retarded name of hers?

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No doubt. There's a reason they waited do long to release the proper footage.

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Most of us believed the Floyd lies in the beginning, sadly. Nobody is immune. The comment about systemic racism is concerning, however. Where did you see it?

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