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“I’m gonna put one, right between your teeth!”

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VCDL are the biggest bulldogs for firearms rights that have ever existed; any libertarian minded Virginian should join.

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Virginia did NOT pass the bans. They were voted down in a bi partisan manner. Why do people on here keep saying they passed?

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It can be avoided, but it requires rational secession. I think dissolution is inevitable, but I hope people can be mature enough to forgo violence.

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Damn take it easy. By preventing implantation of the embryo, it does prevent pregnancy from occurring, though not fertilization, that is correct.

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“Low information voter” is such a haughty leftist term... you sure you’re in the right place?

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Chameleon is a nice way to say “stone cold psychopath”

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It’s a haughty and veiled way of saying, “these people are hapless rubes.”

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Afghanistan? What about Saudi Arabia, Israel, and our own government?

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What is the real reason for the prominent sign language translators, in an age of automatic speech to text software?

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That’s a highly derived definition. The basic, etymological definition is very simple. An archy. No rulers. There is no inherent association with pandemonium or disorder. In fact anarchist thought argues quite well that the most enduring order is that which emerges in a decentralized and spontaneous manner. This objection is based on hundreds of years of political philosophy, not merely a “YouTube video.”

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It’s very creepy how the messsge is stil “slow the spread,” eight months after the first confirmed case in the US. When exactly will they consider the spread to have been slowed?

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You are just incorrect. The legislation to ban firearms failed in a bipartisan manner. So they never had to find out what the consequences would have been.

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Are they just going to have us treat each other like cooties for the rest of the history of mankind?

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Just buy like 100,000 satoshi (like $15 worth) and see how it feels.

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