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They let trannies in, so why not retards?

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I turned his death wail into a cellphone alert. I love when my lefty sister texts me now. Every time she texts me I get to hear a pedo scream

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I’m willing to live and have leftist scum die instead.

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He needs to pay with his life

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V was a prancing little faggot. Only a drama school beta nerd would think a five minute monologue with a bunch of V words would be a cool thing to do right after saving a girl from rape.

And don’t get me started on the sodomite who thinks the Koran is “beautiful”.

The movie is garbage

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This is hit piece is to launder slander and eventually get this site banned

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^ this man gets it. Tucker took the ticket for lollipops and fancies

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Bill the Butcher was the clear and obvious protagonist and there’s no ambiguity about it. It’s not even close.

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Something about that scene never sat right. Did anyone else catch that Alfred was a former military contractor who likely committed several war crimes?

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Why does Brian stelter have the same face as that rat faced bastard who owns Boll and branch?

It is a puzzlement...

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Neologisms are a necessity in these times.

Faggotry, retardery and coomer all come to mind at this moment

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Is this the part where everyone assumes everyone’s a fed?

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Not sure I follow your train of thought

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