TychoDurandal 3 points ago

Off the shelf, A SAINT or an AR556 isn’t a bad choice. Many will tell you to build it, it’s cheaper.

They are right.

TychoDurandal 5 points ago

Because these worthless rats require two pieces of cotton to feel safe

TychoDurandal 27 points ago

If you think this gets resolved at the ballot box, you’re in for a rude awakening.

By all means, we should vote like our lives depend on it (they do). But if you’ve processed the outright cucking from established conservatives, you’ll be thumbing your safety like the rest of us.

TychoDurandal 2 points ago

Except it was a total shit show...

The reign of terror had retard-levels of nonsense

TychoDurandal 9 points ago

He’s dead already. The bull dykes killed him because, oddly enough, prison is more sane than the outside world

TychoDurandal 2 points ago

Normalize so-called “whites” refusing to yield on anything.

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