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Or a doctor, for that matter

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Way to make people realize how little they need you in their lives.

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The announcer called the three highest scoring pedophiles forward to the final round.

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When you want to defend your family and home without waking everyone up.

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I can agree with that sentiment. Wins against Lefties in debates usually end with ad homs and appeals to authority. They attack your character, the reputation of any source that contradicts them, and look to celebrities, Wall Street CEO’s, and government officials to pat them on the head and tell them they’re right.

If you encounter any of those, take comfort in the knowledge that you won and they’re cognitive dissonance will be flared-up the rest of the day.

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This is kinda cringe. Sources are always requested and supplied in debates or online arguments. Refusing to give your source or saying “Google it yourself” is an automatic admission of defeat in my book. You can’t/won’t supply the source of what is coming out of your mouth, then we don’t need to talk anymore.

A rational person will not just “either believe it or don’t” without a source. Although, to your point - discrediting a source is a logical fallacy. I suggest you read up on logical fallacies. Armed with that, you can dismantle any lefty’s argument because they’re all fallacy-riddled.

Edit: Here is a quick reference on fallacies. https://drtomcrick.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/fallaciesposter.png

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“War Pigs” just popped into mind when looking at the picture of Bane kneeling on the left.

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Well, you can’t sell communism if capitalism is kicking ass, now can ya? Besides, Trump literally killed thousand simply by being sworn into office. The man can kill thousand with a simple one-liner. The world has never seen anything like it!

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I wonder how many cats interrupted the making of this “meme”?

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Too fit to be a lefty cross dresser. Definitely lost a bet. Shit eating grin is a dead giveaway. Good thing he’s rioting or he’d be at risk of getting the Chy-na Virus.

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“Let me be clear” is a democrat signal that a lie is following.

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Agreed. Links to search engine results are lazy and annoying to try to comb through.

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One of the underage girls (at the time) who has been trying for years to press charges and been getting stonewalled.

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Bill Burr is a race-baiting piece of shit. He trashes Trump supporters every chance he gets. Fuck that retarded ginger.

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“People ask me how I dealt with race as I climbed the corporate ladder. I reply: ‘I didn’t. I didn’t deal with it. Let them deal with race. I didn’t have time.’”

Lol. Total Chad.

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And so it was known from then on: Va-chyna! Land of a billion slanted things.

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“We know that our voters, President Trump’s voters, will run through a brick wall to vote for Donald Trump.”

Damn, right!

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NFAC is a Black power militia that wants to take over Texas, as I understand it. Someone else said that ND stands for Negligent Discharge.

Edit: Livestream commentator said it stands for Not Fucking Around Coalition.

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She doesn’t know she’s been heard yet. She’s fighting with Rich Grenell right now about the Russia questions she asked while ignoring CHINA.


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