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Tucker Carlson was spot on about Biden when he compared him to the fat kid in school who was insecure so he would make up stories about how his dad is a secret agent, when really he sold life insurance. “I beat Corn Pop with a chain”; “take him behind the bleachers”; “I was arrested in South Africa trying to see Nelson Mandela”; “the local boilermaker 154 union endorsed me”; “I was in the top of my class at law school”; “President Obama isn’t gay.”

Just huge unbelievable lie after huge unbelievable lie.

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Why would they start now? They haven’t spoken up for anything except pay raises and vacations.

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Congrats!! Being a father is the best thing to ever happen to me. GIANT PAIN IN MY ASS!! But by-far the best!

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Used to love Bill Burr. His wife’s politics infiltrated his act. Hopefully he pulls through.

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Just putting it out there that Olberman lost his mind in 2016 and lost his job in 2017. Him, Jim Carey, Alec Baldwin, and Robert DeNiro are all clinically insane, IMO.

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Whatever. FAFO. Otherwise I’m chillin. I’ll vote. I’m not trying to stress when stress serves no purpose.

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Same. If I have to search it, all I have to do is type “t” and “thedonald.win” autofills.

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Very good point, but would that account for such a hard shift at such a precise point in time?

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