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I love this new meme format...

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If they're so bold to try this shit... imagine what they've gotten away with in the past...

  • Housing Crisis
  • Credit Crunch
  • DARE I SAY 9/11!?! (Clinton had the fucking chance to snipe Osama on the way out the door!)
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Ohhhh Comrade Red Square please never change...

For those who don't know this is a great satire site

The People's Cube

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Filter won't stop it all but yes this is your best option.

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My Lawd that's refreshing... :D

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Can't stop the Guac!

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Ain't you, handing a gun to someone and they get involved in a self defense situation and you failed to do a xfer title will land you in jail if the cops and judge want to be dicks.

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This graph is complete and utter fucking eugenic garbage. By what quantifiable metrics does this graph conclude a scoring of something that it is purely qualitative? This is why the practice of Statistics outside of its intended purpose is complete garbage, spat upon by purist members of Quantifiable Methods, and is regarded as dangerous and reckless.

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They couldn't give a shit about racism... Democrats open doors of corruption that lead to huge profits for them. None of these Corporations could give a damned about the Constitution or Human rights. There are select few rat bastards that run on the ideals of leftism but for the most part the rest align themselves for the promise of backdoor deals, shielding form child labor overseas, and clout in regards to expanding their brands in other countries.

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Dems who voted for her then will have some mental gymnastics to go thru to explain why the "no" vote this time.

HAHAHAHAHAHBWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... no they won't because shut up orange man bad.

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They are actors being payed to act... I don't see how people have a hard time understanding this.

Oh ya people are gullible idiots...

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I'm not a regular listener of his show, but I tell everyone that says they think he's scary that the only thing you're gonna find scary about this guy is how right he has been all along.

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Those protestors don't sit there silently and given this video was from the ANTIFA perspective I'm sure there's like 10 minutes of those people talking all kinds of shit to the cops prior to getting pushed. They'll tell the cops we're gonna kill you, kill your kids, fuck your wife in the ass while my homey fucks her face... and way more disgusting shit that even this web site wouldn't have the stomach for.

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I love how they call the cop tough after the fag was standing there flipping em off like he was a tough guy... Idiots all around waiting to collect their stupid prizes.

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