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Thank you for that. Their responses have inspired me. I'm a scifi author and had been writing research articles online on my FB mostly for catharsis from the madness. Been getting kudos on the research, such as the Arbery case and Floyd case. One of my posts dealt with my Identity in God. He's never mentioned me by my race. Not once, in my memory, has he called me 'white man'. My callings are too big and racial identity too small. The one leader I trusted didn't appreciate that as they filtered it through white/black paradigm. It rang a bell with many whose voices are silenced in this madness. I can never be silent now.

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Blacks committed 560k acts of non homicide violence against whites while whites committed just shy of 100k acts of non homicide violence against blacks in 2012.

That means blacks committed 85% of the total racial violence against whites vs whites 15% of racial violence against blacks.

Despite being 13% of the population, blacks commit 85% of the racial violence against whites.



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One side wants to kill babies and sell their parts. The other side doesn't.

That's all I need to know who to oppose.

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The big anti pizza gate guy, Peter Bright, dubbed Dr. Pizza (yes, it was that obvious) on Twitter and a writer for ars technica, made loud no noises about how pizza gate was fake. He was charged with pedophilia and trying to groom a child. The more you know.

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Source: their blind asses. They have to ignore evidence of voter fraud that happens every election due to mail ins. The same people who say mail in is fool proof also say voter ideas are raaacist.

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His intro premise is absolute shit. One kid changed the meaning of the confederate flag? What kind of retard thinks that? Then I guess going by that logic, the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot up a republican baseball game means all Bernie Sanders supporters are terrorists.

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You can see his visible frustration, breakdown, and then acceptance.

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And remember, they want to get rid of white people because we questioned authority.


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"In July 2018, the evil Republican party, through bribery and blackmail, put the false witness Christine Ford on the stand to attack and smear the honorable Democrat Kavanaugh." - Leftists history book, 2055

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Possibly the worst takeaway of the case.

They did call the cops. Look up the leaked 911 call of Greg McMichaels when in pursuit. He was on the phone with dispatchers when Ahmed charged Travis, who kept his gun lowered until Arbery tried to take it away. The neighborhood was being burglarized. Ahmed was caught scoping out the constructed home, a common place for theft of tools and copper.

What immediately led to his demise was escalation and attempting to take a gun away from And armed man. The first shot indicates Arbery pulled the gun towards himself, discharging the round into his wrist.

Ghetto culture and his personal choices led to his demise.

Please watch Stefan's series:


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