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Ha! The interview was on Radio New Zealand (RNZ), the NZ version of NPR. We call it Red Radio. I listen from time to time, just like I glance at CNN or WaPo, to see what the globalists are feeding the masses. This Obama interview was an especially egregious example of their gaslighting. Your comment about takedowns hurts. Because it is true...my takedowns need lots of work.

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Both major political parties in NZ are captured by Chinese influence. There have been rumours that NZ was, like other Five Eyes nations, involved in assembling the Spygate/Obamagate predicate. The Storm, both in terms of Spygate/Obamagate and worldwide election fraud, will shake many political systems to their core. Maybe after some genuine democracy takes place after the rubble is cleared, the USA will be free from global cop duties. Right now, GEOTUS is not only going to MAGA, but he is also going to MEGA (Make Earth Great Again).

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Need another level for deporting a cuck.

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Day 33: The practical care and use of the MOAB.

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No concern trolls. No worriers. No doom-cucks. No surrender monkeys. Happy Warriors only.

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Using a mask that has been touched after it is put on or reusing a mask renders it essentially useless and perhaps more dangerous than not wearing a mask. Prolonged use of a mask allows bacteria to build up that are more dangerous than Covid. Prove me wrong.

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