TrumpsWall 5 points ago

So many black pilled sunshine patriots on our site. You want to give up? You want to give in? You want to stop fighting? Suck all of my nuts. I will fight to my last breath.

TrumpsWall 12 points ago

Sure was true. Trump said it at the multiple rallies he was doing daily leading up to the election. Those were heady days!

TrumpsWall 1 point ago

There’s no way you’re not a shill. I saw you posting pro-mask bullshit somewhere else. Are you in the right place?

TrumpsWall 8 points ago

There’s one asswipe in here always posting, “just wear a mask. It’s a pandemic. What’s the big deal?” This has been studied extensively. I was just reading one done in 2010 that was exhaustive which concluded surgical and even n95s did jack shit against respiratory viruses, which can hover in the air for hours.

TrumpsWall 2 points ago

Holy shit you’re a spineless moron! And completely uninformed. Masks have zero effectiveness on respiratory viruses. This has been settled for a long time, although the seminal study was done in 2010. Stop 🛑 being such a pansy. “Oh it’s just a mask!” says unpopular dipshit. You know what I say? Live free or die!

TrumpsWall 12 points ago

Ummmm....if you’ve been following the Spygate story this is indeed what happened. So far we’ve only confirmed the Trump portion of this story, but from what I’ve heard there were “insurance policies” on all the top contenders including Cruz and Rubio. I’m sure that evil bitch had one on Bernie too and Wikileaks emails see to imply it. That cunt was the most power hungry bitch to ever run and is responsible for dozens of murders (allegedly...suicided). You don’t think she needed one? Probably the worst campaigner and disliked woman in America sure as shit needed an insurance policy.

TrumpsWall 5 points ago

I’ve got one I bought new in 2012 and have spent zero dollars on repairs, outside of basic maintenance, now 125,000 miles. I commute 40 miles each way, and get 48 mpg without trying, so you Prius haters can all suck my balls 👌🏻

TrumpsWall 20 points ago

We should all send in that tip. Wait, naw that’s not cool. Funny though

TrumpsWall 7 points ago

So true. We are the most vilified political movement in American history. Battle tested.

TrumpsWall 3 points ago

I loved Vonnegut. Still do but RIP. Whenever I see a picture of him, I think of him writing an essay for Rodney Dangerfield’s character in ‘Back to School’ on Kurt Vonnegut, which he flunks. 😂

TrumpsWall 10 points ago

I’m for 100% free speech, which includes the right to be racist. However, be prepared to accept the consequences of your speech. For example, I was fired from academia for “wrong-think”. It sucked at the time, but it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. This dude is getting downvotes, which is meaningless. If you look at the new account, it is interesting to see it is a few days old and anti-Jewish. That doesn’t concern me so much, as my best friend is a Jewish lawyer and he is anti-Jew. Still, it’s not everyone’s thing, so be prepared for downvotes and don’t complain about imaginary internet points.

TrumpsWall 3 points ago

Well...I’m an older pede and remember when Sting sang background for Dire Straits on “Money for Nothing”. Great song, but not exactly politically correct. Especially to the LGBT community, or as they sang then...

” See the little faggot with the earring and the make-up

Yeah buddy that's his own hair

That little faggot got his own jet airplane

That little faggot he's a millionaire“

Sting is obviously homophobic and deserves defunding🤡

TrumpsWall 67 points ago

Not sure if it’s still legal in South Africa, but there was a pandemic of carjacking by joggers and this became legal

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