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Hmmmm...’91-‘92 did that for me. Clarence Thomas followed by the ‘92 election. GHWB vs Clinton 🤷‍♂️. Two establishment swamp creatures and Perot.

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But your dooming is always right on time 🤷‍♂️

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This dude was a literal vacuum! How could the entire intelligence community not know this was happening?

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Yes! I’ll start. I saw a video of Joe fondling kids that went on forever. Let’s arrest him now!

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Interesting. Although the concede part? I’m not certain. If it were a truly honest process, then sure, because our man has more real votes. If it’s the other side counting the same fraudulent ballots again, while our guy’s watch from several feet away with no ability to see what’s happening, then no way.

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Buy them guns. I’m from Montana and got my first.22 at age 8. Maybe BB guns for the younger ones.

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So true. These people hate humans, except from themselves, of course

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So true. The Universalist church in my town flies a rainbow flag and a BLM fist. “Pastors” are two lesbians.

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