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You definitely need to keep up with this:

"Furthermore, the President instructs the Attorney General to assess whether critical race theory trainings create a “hostile work environment” and constitute a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act."

We should write to POTUS and Bill Barr to speed up on this aspect of the EO in order to sue the fuck out of any company creating a racist hostile work environment.

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OP you might be the court case which sets the precedent in this entire fucking critical theory debacle.

Trump's EO said something about this stuff creating a hostile working environment right? Meaning it's unconstitutional and lawsuits should absolutely ensue.

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“Crime is in my neighborhood now. There’s a homeless encampment near me that’s growing and growing. They have a living room and a shower curtain and that’s where they go to the bathroom. I have a guy who walks in front of the store every day. In a diaper! And there’s lawlessness coming into the store every day, with an attitude of ‘Who’s gonna stop me?’”

As soon as these "riGhT wiNg fEaR mOnGeriNg" issues start effecting them directly, they change instantly.

Just like the border wall. All these bleeding heart liberals who don't have to deal with any direct consequences of open borders would change their minds in an instant if the homeless border crossers moved into their neighborhoods.

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lol seriously read this line:

"Analysis also requires us to listen attentively to individual voters."

This person is going to be fired for sure. Calling the readers to actually listen to the other side rather than demonize and dehumanize them???

Cue the meme where they throw the guy out of the corporate board room meeting.

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"Analysis also requires us to listen attentively to individual voters." - NYT Sept 29 2020

Holy shit! Mark this day pedes... it's the day an NPC at the NYT actually shut the fuck up and listened to someone with an opposing view.

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I think he means there is no infrastructure or way to get bulk food sold.

If you can't get your food to a distribution center because it doesn't exist... then yea... you'll be sitting on 10,000 lbs of rice and no income.

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Most of these groups organize local cleanups and community fund raisers.

And besides... what else are we supposed to do? Believe everything is a honey pot and end up doing nothing in the end?

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Although probably an unpopular opinion here, and say what you want about these people... but I don't think Gates, Bezos, Musk, Brin & Paige, Trump, Bloomberg, Oprah or any of these billionaires who's companies give more in taxes to the government and wages to the economy should EVER have to pay taxes again.

There should be a lifetime personal exemption or something once you've given more to your country than the other 99.9%.

They wouldn't have to hide it offshore anymore which means it would stay in the US and in the US economy.

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Right... and when you look into the studies which they cite as 'scientific proof', they literally cite themselves and the studies are just more assertions.

Just like the people who wrote the 'toxic masculine dog rape culture in dog parks' paper as satire and got it published in multiple sociology journals.

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For now.

But people like this don't rest until they have beaten others down with their horrible ideas.

Because if there are people out there who don't all believe what they do, it hurts their ego and shakes their faith to the core.

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Also studies have been done with new born babies which show male's eyes react to bridges and 'things' while females respond to faces of animals and humans. Also females have more eye movement while males basically stare forward and not much else.

So we've got gorillas and chimps.... 1 week old babies.... both groups which have not been "socialized" to think these ways acting a certain way.... and 95% of humanity acting a certain way throughout time....



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What are the odds that 60% of her kids are gay yet roughly 5% of the population is gay?

WOW, those are some crazy odds.

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Well its the NYT, and they wouldnt release their sources...

So... A Pulitzer prize winning publisher for Russiagate with a story from anonymous sources...

Sounds like the fakest news you can create.

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The article was also based on anonymous sources so...

Literally nothing is different today than yesterday lol

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Also they didnt show a single source.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to take any of this seriously... Not that it even matters in the first place!!!

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