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Also this is a LIE

Yom Kippur is the holiest day

This is kinda like saying New Years is more important than Christmas

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Maybe Biden is so sleepy during the day because he is campaigning at night (when it’s day time in Beijing)

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How about this - we vote for anyone that Trump endorses

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Remember when Joe Biden’s son was taking millions from the wife of Moscow’s former mayor?

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Florida dodged a hugeee bullet in the last election

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It’s not even just “conservatives.” They silence the truth and amplify complete lies. They have no standards except furthering their agenda.

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The dude got suspended for posting a video of Fox News (which many others have also posted without getting suspended). He was only suspended because the President re-tweeted him.

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“You just had to make it to 2021”

Just proves that they don’t actually give a shit. “You can die in a few months... but keep suffering in the meantime because of politics!”

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It was actually playing at the rally.

This is real life!

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