Trumpeteer [S] 1 point ago (edited)

I’m so close to done with it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of useful information on there from some mentally stable people that I need to reference it all the time (Linux, gaming, and programming subreddits), but the first “you upvoted a policy-breaking post” ban warning I get, that’s the final straw for me, I’m never using that damn site again.

Trumpeteer [S] 2 points ago

But imagine the headlines.

“America in the Dark - Trump refuses to answer Coronavirus questions”

Trumpeteer [S] 4 points ago

Unfortunately, they won’t allow Trump to do that. Possible CNN headline: “Humanitarian Judge Blocks Trump’s Racist Defunding of Sanctuary Cities.”

Trumpeteer [S] 11 points ago (edited)

“The Chicago Police Department remains committed to protecting all illegal immigrant residents.”


Trumpeteer [S] 9 points ago

MSM: Shh lets just sweep this one under the rug. In other news, Trump sucks!

Trumpeteer [S] 1 point ago (edited)

CloudFlare will drop them eventually for sure. They’re known to ban conservatives from using their services, such as MAGAimg, and 8chan.

Trumpeteer [S] 1 point ago

Voat is infested with true white supremacists, and Raddle is a far-left anarchist haven. I’ll stick with TheDonald.win, where I can have existed discourse.