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Troop and asset movements are key indicators of pending operations.

Could be training Or Could be prepping for a national operation

Hence why I was curious

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A friend of mine in the DOD sent me this tweet out of the blue and then went silent.

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This combined with the 40 Osprey's from earlier this week show some sort of domestic troop movement that is uncommon.

Hence I am posting to see if anyone has more information

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She got caught

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Somewhere out there her ex-husband is thankful that she is now focused her crazy on the Democratic Party.

Also someone get this lady a job

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I agree, this guy isn’t the real deal.

The reason he can’t get anyone to pay attention tk his claim is because he was too stupid to retain the evidence if he ever had it at all.

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Kemp is compromised, you can see it in his eyes. He signed off on the Dominion contract knowing what it does.

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I am sure there are thousands of Pede's who have audible accounts and unused credits.

Maybe we should make a push for a single day for everyone to spend their unused credits on TRUMP books and push him to the top of their cesspool

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If you search for Trump they mix in their liberal propaganda bullshit in, just be careful about who the author is.

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I have 5 more credits if anyone has a good recommendation

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Americans need to rise up and confiscate these machines by force if needed.

If BLM can burn down local shops, patriots can have a Boston Tea Party with electronic voting machines

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