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Thanks amigo, I really appreciate that! The same for you and your family!

I also appreciate the pushback! I wish more people were privvy to dialogue here, but the NoNStoP RaLLy aspect gets a bit too overbearing for that to happen organically here I fear!

Good chatting, see you around 'pede!

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I'm sure you do! Everyone in this thread knows at least one of these mythical marine-philosphers...

I would be curious to hear what "propaganda" you think I've fallen prey to...there isn't a lot of anti-military rhetoric to be found here and this is about all I do online.

As for being black-pilled? Yeah, I'll admit to that! I climbed high peaks and made my money in a world that doesn't reward anything but moral compromise and got the fuck out disillusioned. Your assumptions/inferences are a stretch, but I can see you're a smart cookie overall.

I live off-grid and spend my time growing enough food to keep mine and my neighbors families fed. Sustainability, health and generational wealth are my only concerns. MAGA just happens to run parallel.

I don't have an issue with Jews as a whole. I simply point out the fact that there are certain sects amongst them who do have disproportionate power in an overwhelming amount of our national institutions like media/education/corporate entities/banking/politics. They also seem to be disproportionately invested in creating social strife and divisive marches towards "progress"...everywhere for the last hundred years. Every bloody revolution, every cultural flip has been almost entirely led and funded by those who claim judaism.

I'm not sure ignoring these common themes is wise in the long run, but hey! you do you! At least now you get to virtue signal defending oUr GrEAteSt aLLy!1

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You know nothing about me. Your hubris speaks volumes about YOU though!! I don't doubt there are HIGHLY intelligent marines in any way, shape or form! However more often than not they're the ones disillusioned with the big picture and the ones who are burned/edged out in favor of warm bodies who will hold the line with little resistance.

I could have been more accurate out the gate with my statements, but superfluous rambly details tend to make your points glossed over here. It is a high energy rally after all...not the most conducive for productive rational conversation!

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No need for meds amigo. What sounds so unhinged, I'll bite! Unless you're just dickriding for the sake of dickriding.

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I bet you would faggot! Just like your closeted idol maddog.

Wanna try contributing something beyond baseless threats? I know thinking for yourselves without a chain of command is tough and scary, but give it a whirl!!!

This is a safe space

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Smart move! May as well benefit from it while the military raped the american taxpayers

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Lol. What flavor koolaid ya sippin?

You've been tip o' the spear for israel's benefit for how long? How many good red-blooded patriots sacrificed to protect oil interests and CIA black budget poppy fields are acceptable to you?

The answer is NONE. We didn't need to go to the fucking sandbox at ALL, let alone waste the money and lives that we did for THAT long.

Any warpig that pushed for the continuation needs to be executed. Mattis especially.

Sorry the cog destroyed your free thought.

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Crayoneaters aren't known for being intelligent. They're cogs in a machine that very rarely turns for the benefit of our country.

Literal NPCs

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Absolutely a must read for anyone participating in the meme wars.

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Gynocentrism has taken the western world by storm. Female privilege runs rampant but can also work in our favor with based women. They just aren't held to the same standards.

The future is female, haven't you heard?

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Same thing I tell cucks who say

"well golly! I would be MORE than happy to pay more taxes! I make enough, I don't mind helping the schools and roads!"


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What values have the walton family given? bezos? gates?

I see early innovation corrupted by greed.

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And then we should hang them publicly anyways after they admit it trying to save their skins.

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YES it is. Only in areas where that mentality proliferates. Loud, aggressive fat black women are vocal in their "anti-racism" agendas.

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