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The from address ends in donaldtrump.com. It’s from the official mailing list. Others here receive them also.

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Her husband was caught, but the article said they were looking for the people that brought them there to cross

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Please dude. There are lots of things one can say to make you not vote for them, like “vote for me and I’m taking your guns”, or “vote for me and I’m raising your taxes, a lot”.

Saying “patriots wear masks” isn’t one of those things. If you don’t like that he said it, just ignore it. Not voting for him over that is more retarded than a screaming leftists.

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Yea, he’s the man, but we don’t have to 100% agree on everything and he can still be the man

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She said “male genitals”, and that’s what she’s apologizing for, because she didn’t know that term was offensive

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She’s also silent after an eye witness to a murder of two teens heard her on the phone directing them to put the bodies on the track, can’t leave evidence.

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Racism was a fabricated lie from the beginning. Literally, they made that claim up out of thin air

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This story doesn’t make sense. MSM told me these people would just go around Trump’s wall, so it can’t possibly be true

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In March, a 19-year-old pregnant Guatemalan woman, Mirian Stephany Girón Luna, also died after she fell trying to climb the border wall near El Paso, Texas. Girón Luna was believed to be eight months pregnant when she fell. Her baby was unable to be saved.


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That’s the problem with them. They are on the lowest of ends. They are widely known to be less reliable than other guns. No respectable gun owner would carry one because you can’t rely on it when you need it. Sure, it probably will go boom, but what if it jams when you really need it the most?

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Everyone needs to remember, we are a Union. If the West Coast were to secede, it would be the Nations obligation to compel them back in by force. We don’t allow them to leave on their own terms and rip the fabric of our nation. Our Military would take over and attempt to go in and force them to come back in the Union.

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The method he’s using to calculate the time is flawed. The files could have simply been copied to a usb drive after they were transferred over the internet, and have new time stamps at that point.
I personally think it was an inside job (Rich probably), but this guy is being ignored because his fundamental claim is easily refuted

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Awesome dude. I hope that’s your car. If not, I hope you get it one day!

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I think it’s just too much for him, as in too many people in the agencies against him and not enough people on his team to get rid of them. He can’t just get rid of everyone everywhere or his tenure would be a failure, things would collapse, and really nothing would get done in his administration. He also hasn’t been able to find out who the weeds are and successfully pull them out.

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