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Friends, serious question. What are we going to do when the disgusting dirty Dems try to steal this election via another coup?! We need to mobilize to be prepared for this, we have the guns! They have the soy! I like those odds

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Anyone else hear the sheer panic in the reporters voices?! “Like holy shit this just seals him a second term”

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Tie that mother fucker up and cut off every one of his fingers and when done slit his fucking neck

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They’ve jumped in MN as well. Our CUCK SOS is bending over backwards to let lefties lie cheat and steal the election

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Love this soooo much!!

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I post updates every few days, so just look back through my history

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Yeah why can’t that cunt just die already

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Fuck the left and fuck their cancel culture

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My god anyone who votes for him deserves to be shot on sight

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I mean we’re up from my last posting a few days ago when we were 8848/1305 I’m sure when the 6/30 data posts we will show another couple hundred jump

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