TrumpOrGTFO [S] 3 points ago

I just want to confirm we’re all getting excited about a fucking yahoo news article....

TrumpOrGTFO [S] 1 point ago

What kind of credentials does this fucking guy have? I have no idea why his analysis is relevant or why people watch him.

TrumpOrGTFO [S] 119 points ago

Imagine how fucking dumb you have to be to take advice from these frumpy, commie, cunts.

TrumpOrGTFO [S] 3 points ago

Why did your President give Ukraine offensive military aid that Obama refused to give as Ukrainians were being slaughtered by Putin??? Ohhhhhh must be because trumps Russian asset. Go suck Rachel Maddows big toe some more. Conspiracy cuck.

TrumpOrGTFO [S] 5 points ago

This one never gets old