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If they were trying to shoot a target, they fire their arrows in the wrong direction.

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Enemy of the people. I hope POTUS keeps the camera trained on these frauds from now on so we can publically shame them when they pull stunts like he did.

Context: https://streamable.com/jqnlyx

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Even if more people die, he can hide behind his unshakable faith in double-blind studies. After all, it's not his life or his loved ones.

Trump is bold and decisive. He owns his decisions.

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There could be thousands of versions of this video made, each one different.

It's crazy to realize how well the Media has gaslit the World.

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I would shoot them.

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I’m a turn-the-other-cheek-Christian. I’ve had two people attack me over the last five years. The first was a man who hit me because he thought I called him a “coward”. I defended myself by wrestling him to the ground, but I didn’t hit him back. I was angry, but I never cursed at him. He still hates me, but I don’t hate him.

Tell me, what is he supposed to do?

The second was a young guy who recklessly sped through our neighborhood. I followed him, and when I doubled back he jumped out of his car. I was in my gym clothes. Same thing, he provoked with two handed shove of “you wanna go?”. He swore at me with his entire vulgarity vocabulary. I stood my ground, but I never cursed back at him or threw a punch.

You punch me, I will defend myself, but will return to calm. How do you defeat me? I can take a punch and not swear.

You think that’s easy?

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Wait, did I read that article correctly? She was banned for standing in the back of the room?

If so, burn it down. The White House Correspondents' Association is corrupt. Root out rhe diseased media and start over with OANN and Project Veritas.

Maybe we need to elect media? What good is representation without authorization from The People of the United States?

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(please have a parody tag, please have a parody tag...)


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I was an agnostic, turned nihilist, turned Christian. I started by accepting two of the books (Ecclesiastes and Proverbs) and grew from there. Now I’m all in, all 66 books & letters, Jesus my Savior, Redeemer, Healer, and Coming King.

Got married, kids, still a huge tech nerd.

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Cool. Sometimes when you make these things you're not sure how they will be received. I'm okay with missing the mark a bit. I'm not okay with shooting the arrow in the other direction and working against President Trump.

I was once a timid, in-the-closet Trump supporter. It takes time to level up and have the firepower on the tip of your tongue to be able to level the lies people believe.

I don't want to hurt people. I want to help remove the invisible snake around people's throat that WILL kill them if it is not removed.

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