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I don't believe Trump is lying to us. Do you?

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If you need ammo, Ryan, I highly recommend the S.L.E.D. arguement. There are only 4 differences between a toddler and a yet-to-be-born child: https://www.str.org/articles/the-s.l.e.d.-test

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I hear you, but keep fresh batteries on hand for your clock.

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Doggos, you da man!

My request: Total subscribers and total active users online.

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This. A thousand times this. But be fair. If they do something worthy of credit, give them their due. But if they lie, hammer them hard.

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If they were trying to shoot a target, they fire their arrows in the wrong direction.

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Enemy of the people. I hope POTUS keeps the camera trained on these frauds from now on so we can publically shame them when they pull stunts like he did.

Context: https://streamable.com/jqnlyx

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Even if more people die, he can hide behind his unshakable faith in double-blind studies. After all, it's not his life or his loved ones.

Trump is bold and decisive. He owns his decisions.

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There could be thousands of versions of this video made, each one different.

It's crazy to realize how well the Media has gaslit the World.

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I would shoot them.

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