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Unfuckingbelievable. Gonna let the Dems and their propagandists in the media demonize her and set the public perception.

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Yeah, I'm supporting Trump no matter what but I think Lagoa would have been the wiser pick. I worry about the impact of Barrett on independents when it comes to the election. Think she will be even easier to demonize than Kavanaugh and I knew a lot of independents/moderates who fell for the ridiculous Kavanaugh smears.

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Nah, just pointing out someone is hot is not offensive. Guarantee she hears it all the time. She's really beautiful.

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Used to be. And then CCP Disney got ahold of them and the anti-American propaganda started becoming more and more frequent. Anyone who has ESPN on their cable or dish package is sending them around $10 per month in licensing fee, whether or not they watch it.

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What a beautiful pic. America.

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