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Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (3 points)

It would make a statement if they would just shut it down and explain why. Hopefully they have been preparing for this day and are not caught completely off guard. The shut down should have maximum impact. I just hope this site could handle an enormous increase in traffic.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (2 points)

It sounds so crazy, the blatant interference. Shut it down. It has been compromised. Hate to say it, because the people over there love Trump, but when reddit treats you like that and you remain that is cuckish behavior imo.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (7 points)

SHUT IT DOWN. The Donald can no longer be trusted.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (2 points)

Thank you Mr. President. You've opened a lot of eyes to how they are propagandists.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (3 points)

Can someone give me a Cliff Notes version of what happened at The Donald? I haven't been to reddit in a long time but I'm seeing posts about how spez and company staged a coup and have replaced mods and are threatening people over their upvotes? Anything else?

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (29 points)

What a disaster for the Dems. These candidates are awful.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (7 points) *

Wasn't the ANC Marxist? Makes sense that would be Bernie who goes to.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (3 points)

He's looking especially tiny tonight. No box. Not doing well. He made a joke about his last debate performance that got zero laughs.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (13 points)

Please bring a transgender kid up on stage and let them all talk about how great it is.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (12 points)

Please let Biden keep talking. He's the gift that keeps on giving.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (11 points)

I love the awkward silence after Biden makes a zinger that falls flat.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (8 points)

The moderators are desperate to cover for Biden and he's still an asshole. Unreal.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (5 points)

I'm watching just to hear Biden ramble at this point

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (4 points)

Biden just contradicted himself- audience of shills cheer

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (5 points)

Biden is just so grumpy and unpleasant and clueless.

Trump4a3rdTerm [S] (4 points)

Audience is like "Did Biden just say China has wiggers?"

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