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Oregon Governor shut down all dine in restaurants and bars. 95+% of restaurants closed and laid off all employees. It's very sad to see many of these businesses close, many of them for good. https://q13fox.com/2020/03/18/mcmenamins-temporarily-closes-all-locations-lays-off-3000-employees/

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So I've been monitoring search trends to see how trump is doing compared to the democratic candidates this election. In the last week it has been basically radio silence on politics except for Trump. Tonight is a debate and it's the lowest searched debate this election cycle by far! It's looking good for team Trump!

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Many business's and retirement homes purchase supply's like toilet paper from Costco. If they limit them, many people will suffer.

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He was right for decades about Epstine, he was right about the pig/human hybrids, he was right about Crisis Actors in Sandy Hook, etc.

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Get this man some treatment for Alzheimers. This is just sad, I genuinely feel bad for the man having to deteriorate mentally in front of the entire nation.

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I would love to be able to just search debate vs trump rally ratings and find out, but that's not available!

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Change is always easier from within. While this site is amazing, we must maintain a vocal presence on reddit until they ban us from the site. R/the_Donald garnered hundreds of thousands of votes in 2016, we cannot afford to loose that type of outreach if we want Don Jr to win in 2024.

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I hope they can get you a brick soon!

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They cant stop the train!