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A lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Seattle alleges that would-be protesters are prevented from demonstrating by the cost of protecting themselves from police.

Will they be demanding restitution for the cost of their pipe bombs too?

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Popular opinion: If you marry your brother, you have to go back to your shithole

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Meme them til they cry.,

Then meme them crying.

  • the shitlord’s creed
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It’s like using Coca-Cola’s billboard to advertise the website Pepsi.com without paying a cent.
We’re getting free publicity, using enemy territory. Reddit blocked any mention of this site including the phrase the Donald dot win. Our pedes figured out how to outwit Reddit’s Commie-bots.

Also in the words of Doggos: Keep sharing TheDonald.Win in high traffic comment sections, in high quality, local Facebook groups, and of course in real life, because that's the only medium that they cannot censor.

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Looks like we’re sending our best

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This is the high ENERGY that Trump ran on. Choose Greatness. Never apologize for being the best.

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Made my blood boil reading this.

Your grampa is a national treasure, losing war hero’s like him needs to be spotlighted and commemorated. The youth of today need to be reminded just how much they have to live up to. Every time we lose a hero from the greatest generation, it should be national news.

Fuck this China Flu. Your grampa is a god damn hero.


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I never trusted Birx, she’s the one who directed physicians to “take a very liberal approach to recording mortality”. It’s Birx who ordered the inflated recording guidance, it manipulated the US statistics, forced any death with covid to be counted as caused by covid, including gun shots to the head, and car crashes all getting lumped in. That shit is on Birx.

This statistic manipulation is political. And Birx’s fake death numbers gave justification to the tyranical governors to shut down business and ruin livelihoods.


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“The time has come to play cowboy and commies.”

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It means TMZ staff lurking on TD.win. Lol They know where to go for real news and dankness.

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This is the truth accepted up until 2020. Unless you were sick with coughing sneezing, fever... NO isolation, no mask, no quarantine required. Viral load is absent when not sick, and the mode of transmission when not sick (coughing, sneezing) is absent as well.

If you are testing positive and you’re not sick; congrats You’re now immune.

These new guidelines, punishing healthy people by forcing them to wear masks, and putting ppl with zero symptoms under house arrest.., is creating an insane precedence

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And his muslim wife who lived in the same house and shared the same kitchen table that the bomb was built on, swore to the FBI she didn’t have a clue that a bomb was built on her kitchen table.

That jihadi bitch is living in Jersey now, living off welfare probably, married to another muslim man and popping out more kids

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The video is extmely unflattering for Fauci. Right after Fauci confirms that “crowds contribute to the spread of the virus” Jim asks: “Should we limit the protesting?.”
Fauci stammers, licks his lips, looks sideways, tells Jim he doesn’t understand the question. He looks like an ABSOLUTE FRAUD HERE:

GEOTUS is tweeting this out so the People see Fauci’s hypocrisy and his clear allegiance:


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It’s insane that so many people are still listening and still obeying his bullshit

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According to https://www.md.com/doctor/simone-gold-md, It’s the Centinela Freeman Emergency in Inglewood, CA.
This establishment HAS NO BALLS., and caved to the communist mob.

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I started out smiling, then LOLing, and finished the video almost crying. Damn wasn’t expecting the feels at the end.

What a great American.


(We should have a .win watch party for Uncle Tom)

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