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No he means Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome. It’s the bottom left couple you see in the post.

In one of Knoxville's most horrific crimes, Channon Christian and boyfriend Christopher Newsom were carjacked, kidnapped, raped, tortured, and slain.

The details were so horrifying the press couldn’t cover it. Some details leaked out in 2013 when some of the guilty were retried.

A group of black men decided to carjack and kill a random white person that night. They chose Channon and Christopher’s car unfortunately.



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Awesome. May they keep their traditions and their faith, so their communities remain strong.

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John Roberts has lost his fucking mind, as a Bushy, he’s an all out commie now, working to stop Trump from getting his 2nd term. Probably helping Emmet Sullivan pro bono too.
I pray ConeyBarrett will have the spine to oppose Roberts and overturn his Pennsylvania’s 3 day extension insanity. Her lockdown rulings leave me luke warm

Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the three liberal justices to reject Pennsylvania Republicans’ call for the court to block the state court ruling.
Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas would have required the state to stop accepting absentee ballots when the polls close on Nov. 3.
There were no opinions accompanying the order, so it is impossible to say what motivated either group of justices. The conservative justices have been reluctant to allow court-ordered changes to voting rules close to an election.


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😂 I fucked up the title. We should update the count & repost though.. every day til the 3rd!!

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I feel you. Had to grieve Garth Brooks and Chris Stapleton. Both DEAD to me now. Fuck those spineless cucks

Love Travis Tritt, he’s 100p MAGA

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If anyone missed this. A must read:

👉. https://thedonald.win/p/11PVkSRGVC/why-it-has-come-to-hunter-leaks/ ✏️ by u/soabirw/

Why it has come to Hunter.

As gross as it all is, this Hunter leak actually does matter. It's not playing in the mud and debasing ourselves. Not only is there actual illegal activity on here, but it is everything they tried to burn Trump for and is an actual, real National Security threat . People have already forgotten what the Trump Muh Russia was all about. The very root of it. It was the accusation that Trump had consensual sex with adult women in a hotel in Moscow, but KGB and Putin had it on tape and planned to use it to blackmail him and take control of the White House. This is literally that, except real. China has that data. China has a political black mail program (BGY). That is what is being revealed. If it mattered for Trump, it matters for Biden.

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This poor chonk appears to be polydactyl (mitten hands)

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