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"Biden is sick with the 'Rona! Remove all freedoms and reinstitute lockdowns!!!!!!"

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Doesnt matter when now even one death is seen as too many for these people. They have no concept of how many people die in the world every day.

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Came here to say the exact same thing. In fact if action were taken against kids carrying BLM flags heads would have rolled (possibly literally) at that school and there would be riots. Ridiculous.

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What the absolute fuck? Disgusting that people read this and think "yup, the patriarchy definitely created this virus".

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I'm sorry that you were burdened with that kind of information from such a young age. It also must be a relief to be surrounded by people that believe you now. In fact what you said is some of the less "crazy" things I hear about the Democrat leadership these days.

I also feel bad for the agent you heard the stories from. What a mess.

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Was it a coincidence that magically masks were mandated around the western world right around the time all of the social unrest/protests/riots started? I don't think so.

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China will fork a ton of money over to the company(s) that pays the NBA. They will not let it die regardless of how bad viewership drops.

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They want more people scared. More people scared means more vote by mail. More vote by mail means more votes for the Democrats, even if the ballots are marked for Republicans.

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This has a better chance of happening if they keep the COVID hoax going. Fight back. Stop wearing masks. Spread the word that the numbers were fudged.

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That's fair. At the same time, he is at the very least complicit and covering for those who do abuse children. Not too much of a leap to think he is involved in some way. Remember that Kevin Spacey's defence when he was accused of molesting boys was the he was a gay man. Aka he only did it because he was a gay paedophile and therefore couldn't help himself. Anderson Cooper is gay, and covering for people like Spacey. You would think he would be disgusted by it. He isn't.

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A good chunk of them must be found fairly quickly. But even if it is only 100,000 that really go missing and aren't found... that's a lot of adrenochrome for the elite.

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Industrialized child trafficking. Literal factories and transport trucks full of children. This shit is fucked.

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I get that you're a skeptic. I am too... however, time and time again the left slowly shows how depraved they are and what they're capable of.

The things I know now I didn't think were possible 5 years ago. We've only scratched the surface. I'm sure not all of the kiddy diddlers eat them after.... but I'm afraid of how many that could.

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"We didn't support BLM enough! The ratings are down! Double down the support!!!" Is what is happening on all of the sports now.

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