TradMadLad [S] 1 point ago

Sadly the voter base is even dumber than the politicians. They are no repercussions for Democrat candidates. See Ralph Blackface Northam.

TradMadLad [S] 2 points ago

Lower IQ levels usually have a direct correlation with income levels. Easier population to manipulate.

TradMadLad [S] 3 points ago

Wow had no idea he was based. Saw him live once. He stopped mid concert to throw a guy out who was getting handsy with a crowd surfing girl. He dropped a few lines on guys respecting girls and girls respecting themselves. Cool as shit guy.

TradMadLad [S] 6 points ago

Don’t forget the laser sharks!

TradMadLad [S] 4 points ago

Agreed someone very Southern and very Protestant.

TradMadLad [S] 2 points ago

I’d like to see said business owners voting history. My guess is he deserves what he’s complaining about.

TradMadLad [S] 9 points ago

Me too. I don’t think I can go back. It’s like willingly giving yourself cancer.

TradMadLad [S] 5 points ago

And we don’t have to apologize for our micro aggressive words!

TradMadLad [S] 3 points ago

We need an AMA with the asshoe legend.

TradMadLad [S] 2 points ago

This is how TD originally was before all the algorithm manipulation and shadowbanning.

TradMadLad [S] 7 points ago

This site energy feels like the early years of TD. Indescribable.

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