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I've always thought it was a ShariaBlew op ... Same difference tho.

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Ridicule is used because it is a powerful weapon.


These cunts are predictable.

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It was obvious from early in 2018 when muh Q posted a picture of some old guy's ear when the Q hyped "memo" hearings turned to shit .. about that same time, muh Q trashed Alex Jones and the mods of T_D, claiming AJ and the T_D mods were "comped".

That fucking larp/grift needs to die a painful and costly (lawsuit preferably) death.

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Looking for


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Who is going to hold these scumbag's to account? Billy Barr? LOL!!!

If you haven't noticed, the rule of law doesn't exist in America today .. not for corrupt cunts on theft anyway.

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If she has so much evidence then she should have thrown it out there asap .. waiting until a week after GA certifies is a joke when time is of the essence. She should know this term and know what it means. She's full of shit in some way, and likely grifting for donations to her useless procrastination.

This fight of the election theft has been handled worse than the attempted overthrow of the 2016 election, if that's possible.

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Fauci should have been vetted loooong before he was allowed to give one single piece of advice on the seasonal sniffles.

Fauci's prominence is Trump's mistake .. and it's a yuuuge one.

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For 6+ weeks, Trump stood behind Fauci and nodded in agreement, making the carreer bureaucrat and Hillary fanboy his foremost health and economic advisor pertaining to the seasonal sniffles.

Trump owns Fauci's prominence on the issue, unfortunately.

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Pretty sure Ron just wants to wallow around half nekid and sweaty with another man, is all.

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Same. So satisfying! Pinochet was a visionary.

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How does Qtardery from the highest ranking Qtard get stickied to a board which has been criticized as 'comped' by Q himself?

There's a word for this ... It starts with a c and ends in 'holdery'.

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