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I worked at an ice cream store in HS .. Paul Newman came in 3 weeks in a row (he lived a few streets down from me) .. drove a VW Rabbit convertible, was super friendly, tipped us (nobody else tipped us 16 year old plebs), and acted like a normal man, like your uncle. That was 30-some years ago.

BTW, Newman was a yuge democrat (who loved racing cars and actually gave to charity).

Our world is so fucking different now ....

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Fuck this invitation.

ACLU will escort them in ... along with a few members of the DC circuit court.

Just git them the fuck out!

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Yea. Thanks, Pedro, for those taxes on the gas for that beater chevy bucket o' shit that you haul your 9 anchor babies around with ........ now git!

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No military needed, if we're honest.

Invoke the 2nd ... our Constitution has the remedy for these invaders.

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Are we sure that Joe doesn't have finger-syphilis? Could very well answer many questions about Joe's behavior.

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51% of Americans have seen this two-time baby killer's bare tits just so that she could have a nice house.

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So, how many SEIU assholes were arrested?

Anybody got video of the perp-walks?

More corruption served up to Barr on a silver platter .. only to be met with . bagpipes . . . again.

Fucking DO SOMETHING, fatass!

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The new grandchild is the luckiest of the 6, if Joe doesn't want anything to do with xher.

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It's more accurately 6.5% .. and even less, if the most applicable 15-50 age group is analyzed. Also, 90% of the victims are members of their own community. And we haven't even talked about the product of Margaret Sanger's grand plan yet ...

Destruction of the family unit for one specific demographic .. for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining an enslaved voting block.

Thank you, LBJ ... and every democrat voter since 1965.

Democrats never change. Democrats are evil.

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OP is fucking rayciss, obviously.

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I beg to differ. Congress is extremely efficient at draining our wallets.

This "emergency relief" bill is no different ... expect more of this on the next "emergency".

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Mickey Donovan is not to be trusted .. he's gonnuh buy coke, hire hookuhs, and let em fuck theyuh jahns in thuh Kennedy Centuh ... on second thot, that's the best place fah it, given thuh namesake.

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tbf, Qtardery writes its own laughs ... I just Quote the nonsense.

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ThEsE tHiNgS tAkE tImE!

4/10/20 iS tHe gO dAtE! 1o dAyS dArK.

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I wouldn't take a chance with those teeth ... turn her around and I'm your huckleberry.

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Still supporting communism. The communist regime owns everything and profits from every Cuban cigar you buy.

Fuck Cuban communists.

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Not something that warehouse personnel would keep quiet about either ... unless they were forced to do so by the cunts hiding the product.

An effective Attorney General would investigate ... but here we are.

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"The peaceful majority are irrelevant!"

25% of moozlums are radicals, worldwide. That equals 300 million radical followers of a backwardass ideology that want to enslave or kill non-believers.

"Can you tell me who the head of the moozlum peace movement is?" Best question.

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  1. Confront Islamophobia Through Documentation, Reporting and Pushback

You can start here:

Izlum is a backasswards ideology that is not compatible with American society.

Every fucking moozlum needs to be deported to a shithole where they can fuck their cousins, their brothers, 9 year old boys, and themselves.

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