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Amazing, considering he hasn't campaigned there.

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They won't even say the name of the team. Hahaha, what a bunch of puss bags.

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Not to mention the red paint they've been dumping on every statue from Lincoln to Dread Scott.

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I find it so incredibly sad that most if not all trannies are severely autistic. What we are witnessing is a massive abuse of the handicapped by the left, the likes of which has never before been seen.

Autistic people have extremely high neuroplasticity, which accounts for their extremely quick ability to learn new things. It also unfortunately, much like in children, makes them incredibly impressionable. Combine that with a culture that seems to deify them only when they transition, and you've got America in 2020.

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Very true, they lack the intelligence for things like space programs.

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So then, I guess we did it? Trump saved America! 🇺🇸

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Looking at this makes me realize how people in Man In The High Castle must have felt looking into their alternate reality.

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JUDGE: Did you kill this man?


JUDGE: Whelp, we're done here.

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Stunning AND brave.

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Shit, I remember hiding in the woods at summer camp while my friends and I flipped through the SI swimsuit issue. At one point, one of the girls caught us and just rolled her eyes.

I feel so horrible for kids now. This story today could never happen. And if it did, it would have ended with all the boys being expelled and placed on psychotropics and hormone blockers.

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Zoe Quinn is a mediocre SJW game dev and online Cosplay stripper who fucked and sucked autistic virgin game journalists to get five star reviews for her shitty game.

Her cuck boyfriend finally discovered this and outted her, posting photos of her texts to him where she tried to gaslight him into believing nothing happened. When she was outed, she hid behind the flag of Feminism.

This resulted in virgin neckbeard gamers, desperate for a crumb of pussy, siding vocally with her to be seen as an "ally".

This led to a swift death of gaming culture, eventually culminating in The Last Of Us 2 having a tranny butt fuck the main character of the game.

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He is co-editor of the book Pediatric Gender Identity: Gender-affirming Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth.

So he's a pedophile?

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Tropical storms are baby shit! NE gets them all the fucking time because it's too cold for hurricanes. This isn't news.

Sandy was a hurricane.

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If Donald Trump demanded schools be closed instead:

But what about the poor kids who rely on school lunches and breakfasts?! DRUMPF WANTS TO STARVE CHILDREN!!

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