TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 1 point ago

No, I want to hear it. I want it rammed down their throats. These traitors are indirectly responsible for EVERY US covid diagnosis and death. Republicans better use this on the campaign trail. It's more effective.

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 2 points ago

Do it, you will NOT regret it. My wife and I thought we needed a new mattress. All we needed was a mypillow topper and 2 mypillows. I don't wake up nearly as sore as I used to. Best $270 I've spent in a long time

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 7 points ago

Would shelter in place with. Can't promise social distance though

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 7 points ago

1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th amendments have all been violated by CA over this. We have a new high score!

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 9 points ago

They make great gifts. Bought my parents a set last year for Christmas and they've not stopped thanking me.

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 10 points ago

I'm not even ashamed to say I hope they catch it so they can wish these companies would save them. When they drive to the hospital in their Subaru forester, I want them to be hooked up to a Ford ventilator. Fuck them at this point. The best of people comes out in crises, unfortunately so does the worst.

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 8 points ago

Ford has to produce an F150 every 27 seconds to keep up with market demand, if theres a US company built for this task, it's FoMoCo. 'Merica.

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 5 points ago

Yes, because he's not allowed to defend against a crooked media twisting his words? Tell that cuck reporter to accurately quote him instead of trying to make the president look bad in a time of crisis. But, go ahead, keep blaming Trump...

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 7 points ago

Yes. Nevada is still very mafia backed. Just like the mafia, you're given positions by familiarity instead of actual experience. I'm sure their whole government would be a RICO field day.

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 5 points ago

All our memes still end up on FB.. so we're still effective

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 52 points ago

I think the cutoff is 30 for most people. That gives you plenty of time to study your paycheck stub. I switched parties at 28. I was finally fully developed

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 45 points ago

Proceeds to earn a self inflicted proper ass kicking by reading the full quote... what a moron.

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 5 points ago

Sure, he'll say this today, but then he'll prance in orange man bad territory tomorrow. Geraldo is a cuck

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 4 points ago

Got me all excited because the next video queued up is Type-O Negative everything dies.. then it wouldn't play.

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 3 points ago

I think he does it on purpose to make sure the press is extra feisty when he comes out

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 3 points ago

And 1 million more Democrats

TommyLasordasBallBag [S] 3 points ago

Will a Trump tweet work for validation? Because the madman is fury-punching right now

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