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The difference is that I used to have the freedom, only a couple of months ago, to fly without a mask. It's all bullshit. I'm still pissed that we have to remove our shoes and go through all the scanners like we're terrorists, when we should be racial/ethnic profiling Muslims since they are and always were the biggest threats to air travel. I miss flying in the 90s when we could show up 30 min before the flight, check our bags, get our boarding passes, walk through the metal detector, and be at the gate. Now it's an all-goddamn-day procedure.

I'm not asking to be naked at a grocery store. I'm asking to not have to wear a mask everywhere I go, a freedom I enjoyed my entire life.

And your complaint about free enterprise is misguided when there aren't businesses who will support mask-free people.

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Here's another NASCAR reference for you....Next up, Sarah "Kensington" Kellen.

She was the logistics/travel coordinator and paid the girls when they were done. Got the girls in, paid them, and got them out. She was Ghizzy Maxwell's secretary.

Why do I bring up the NASCAR reference? Because she is former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers' wife.

The same Brian Vickers who drove for Rick Hendrick for years. Rick Hendrick, the guy who was busted in the Honda money laundering scandals of the 80s/90s but sadly was only convicted of mail fraud. Rick Hendrick, the guy who faked leukemia during his trial so he would receive house arrest as punishment instead of federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. Rick Hendrick, who got his good friend Hugh McColl, the CEO of Bank of America (then NationsBank), to give the Clinton Foundation $500,000, and two weeks later got Rick a pardon from Bill Clinton himself. Rick Hendrick, who announced complete remission from leukemia after his pardon and legal troubles were over, never to be seen or talked about ever again. Rick Hendrick, who lost his whole family and close friends (brother, son, nieces, even his general manager and chief engine builder, conveniently everyone who may have known the truth about the deal) go down in a plane crash a few years later. That Rick Hendrick.

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Name an airline that doesn't have a mask policy right now.

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That's what I was referencing. Glad you got it! Love that movie.

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My favorites were:

Sweet and Sour Sicken

Rice Rabies

Economic Hemorrhagic Fever

Year of the Hoarse

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Homophobic Horse did some amazing synthwave remixes that are absolutely amazing. Sadly, our friend Mr. Horse was axed from Youtube late last year for "hate speech".

Here's some of his stuff (only the first is a direct remix of the Italian song):

Shadilay (Kekwave Remix) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3ZISWNtFN4

SHADILAY The Ultimate Rare Pepe Synthwave - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOLPxCSYT7g

The Second Rare Pepe Synthwave Meme Magic in Action - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq3dpm0oMEI

And my absolute favorite is this one. It's like a rock/electro/synthwave masterpiece.

M I R A C L E M I L E (Simpsonwave) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI0lCHiayDE

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Try wearing leather soles and have a snowstorm come out of nowhere.

It's basically this: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ShimmeringBareAnkole-mobile.mp4

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"President Donald Trump has a drinking problem!" - CNN

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In Colorado, we had a 20-something guy get alcohol poisoning and died, and he was counted because he had the Wuhan coronavirus in his body when he died. They had to revise the number down a month or so ago. I don't believe that was reflected nationally, however.

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The race is on FOX. Thanks Lachlan Murdoch, you piece of liberal shit.

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Call it by it's proper name "purple drank". And let's be honest, the sizzurp is probably more likely than "purple drank" anyway.

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Yeah it was such horseshit. I muted it until the race started. Couldn't stand being mad. And then for some reason, they felt the need to air an interview with Daniel Suarez (a Mexican national) who slammed America for like 4 solid minutes. Deport that fucker!

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"Shoot them all" could also mean photography too.

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I bought a glorified tshirt mask that says "Filtered for your pleasure" just to troll the lefties here in Denver.

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