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What's one question or comment I could ask/share with my Rabid Anti Trump Democrat family?

I feel like there is 1 thing I could just ask to get them thinking...

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The left ignores reality.
Boys can be girls.

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Remember all those hairstyles that were super popular of white girls changing their hair into Jet Black Super Kinked and Impossible To Work With Nappy Head Style?

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We really need public trials and executions for all these criminals.
Its the ONLY way to save the West.

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They've had control for 60 years.
We've just now started taking it back.
They are exposing themselves.

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Why? Because time is ticking away.
Obama scandal will be dealt with in the next term.
It will destroy the obamas and the DNC.

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Q researchers have been saying this since 2018....

Q has been saying this for a while.

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Been watching Tim for 5 years.
He is not an anomaly. He is an expression of the center left friends and coworkers who just take time to wake up.

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Matrix 4 is similar to many high budget high demand movies used to usher in new lefty agenda.

Toy story 4.
New Star Wars.

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Ah i see you're uninformed as to the amount of research and Intel that group brings to the table.
Here is a good aggregate https://wearethene.ws/

There are lots of other sites and groups on the internet.

Your doubting , hate, and ignorance isn't helping. Please grow up!

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Yep. Always ahead of the curve.

Want to know a secret? TD.w is a few days BEHIND Qanon researchers....

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I was lost. Then was found.
I lost my best friend.

The cross of Christ and his forgiveness is far more valuable.

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Go to a natural path.
They are wide awake to the BS.

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I went one step further. I got a doctors notes.
Easy pass.
Fuck off gov.

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For as smart as Ben is, he really is a fucking retard sell out.

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