Toastman333 [S] 3 points ago

Thank god. Fuck that faggot.

The list kept “mysteriously disappearing” whenever it was posted. All it did was expose how a handful of mods control almost half of the top 500 subs on that shit website. It explains the influx of lefty horse shit that infects non political subs, and it’s only going to get worse.

Toastman333 [S] 4 points ago

It’s just so fucking annoying that “OrAnGe MaN bAd” mentality seeps even into the most niche subreddits. There’s always at least faggoty comment looping trump into whatever is posted somehow, when the topic at hand is nowhere near politics. It’s in every thread, every sub, all over that dumpster fire.

The moral superiority and fake virtue of redditors is so faggy it makes me wince.

Toastman333 [S] 2 points ago

Honestly, thank you all for making this site the best it can be. Every day it becomes better. You all fuckin rock.

Toastman333 [S] 2 points ago

Just a suggestion- is there any way to add a “keep me signed in” box when you log on?

Nothing crucial, just a convenience thing! You guys rock!

Toastman333 [S] 1 point ago (edited)

This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you mods/devs for creating this great alternative to Reddit’s increasingly horse shit website with their censorship and unfair treatment of fellow trump supporters.

Keep up the awesome work. Dark mode makes all the difference ??