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I still believe my triple colored tulips will be worth millions per bulb any day now

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I still fail to see how Twitter is worth billions more than RSS feeds...

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WTF how the fuck does counting votes take 4GB of software?

The logic should easily fit on a PIC, and literally could be built out of discrete 7400 series chips on a large perfboard.

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They can only riot in the streets in jurisdictions that support lawless rioting in the streets.

In places that are not run by the clown world order, riots are stopped before they get out of hand.

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No, they will take breaks to wine about taxes, grammar, or Russia from time to time, and their collective brainpower can only focus on one of these at a time.

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Not being part of Trump's lawsuits, she does not have to give up or settle if the Trump campaign decides it is best to give up.

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math is raceist

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They give arguments in them, but you are right the suit is between the Americans (represented by Trump campaign's lawyers) and the election officials/legislators/state/... not the biden team.

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There has been like a dozen small cases that were filed by others not part of the trump campaign, and they mostly failed so far but appeals wills still happen.

The one on the late votes being unconstitutionally counted according to an executive order instead of legislature passing a law was won, but those votes had not yet been counted anyways.

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I doubt you could find any Republicans that would be against stealing any amount of taxpayer's money to pay for secure paper ballots counted in a simple manner that anyone can watch and become confident that a fair election happened.

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The court cases so far are probably just intended to keep the Biden legal team busy. This week will be epic.

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Alex Jones should be appointed ambassador to England every July 4th

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The democrats have no chance of winning a fair election so long as they continue down the current rush to the left. I believe the plug that Trump is pulling is the election fraud and this week we will discover exactly how deep the swamp is and watch as it drains over the next years without fraudulent elections to prop up the deep state.

Sunlight is truly the best disinfectant

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They have had 4 years to learn from Trump so far, I doubt that would happen again.

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