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I’ve been buying guns and ammo since Y2K... just shot a box of $0.18/rd .40s&w (I mark the price paid on each box I buy with a sharpie). Guessing it’s from pre-Obama.

50/50 and great accuracy. I store in ammo cans with good seals and microwavable silica packets (in factory packaging) — I swap every 2 months from mid-spring to mid-fall, no other special preparation.

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When it is pervasive and all-encompassing, I think macro would be more apropo.

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Not OP but I number my mags so that I can keep track of any that have feeding issues. One F2F is a fluke, but the second time I give them a good cleaning and smooth out friction surfaces.

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but the media will declare him the winner if he manages to exceed the extremely low expectations.

The “media” will declare Biden the winner even if he just sits there and drools and shits himself.

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Lmao! Pelosi is a fucking train wreck

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No justice, no peas!

Really, I have no idea why these people hate peas so much. Also wondering who the hell this Brian Tyler guy they keep yelling at is.

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More black faces that a BLM riot covers anything north of three

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That one always leaves me in tears, because I can totally see him doing it

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“Public Assistance” by Agnostic Front. If you find punk distasteful at least give the lyrics a read.

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They were around the car, photographing the car after repeated unprovoked attacks by the driver. Driver got into the car, no honking, no delay — just got in and started running people down. In a parking lot.

Not the same.

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