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I think Walmart /big box stores are the only ones enforcing. Most places in Jeffersom County and surrounding counties I didn't think were really enforcing masks, are they?

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What if they forged envelopes for the last month? Wouldn't put it past them...

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Just wait until tomorrow morning. Bidens views will be 20,000 higher than Trumps. All the mail in viewers will be counted around 4:00am

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Yes, and should send a message to the other states.

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I thought the timing from the AP was interesting. Release it while USPS whistle blowers coming forward. Also, why wouldn't he make a public statement? Wouldn't be surprised if the AP exaggerated some things or never spoke with him.

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Why did he make it 45 days? That puts us at December 18th, after the states send their electors on the 14th. Why not make it 40 days... What am I missing?

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He did say to investigate any voter fraud. Maybe that was his way of saying it exists and we are looking into it... https://www.wnd.com/2020/11/doj-now-looking-vote-fraud-evidence/

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OK, so you want to look up some research paper use Google. You want to look up Biden cheating or anything else the use duck duck go.

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I would love to see some analysis on all of the elections decided by 6% in 2018 and even 2016. I guess for the time being though we must focus on 2020.

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