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Wait, a business man and another business man making sense by using common logic?


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Yeah, I saw a fuckwad on Facebook talk about how he's upset Trump wants to dismantle the USPS (a fucking lie) because Trump wants to make it more accountable to its own financial decisions. Lol... a Republican wanting fiscal responsibility and Dems are now against it after years and years about whining of government spending problems. Only happens when the other side is in charge.

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You seem to think timing, an especially important aspect of persuasion in politics, isn't critical. That anything should be said the moment it's know. Well, if that were true, the fucking mafia wouldn't have gotten popped.

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"I don't like him so it's shocking to me that he's done that."

That right there is the state of the liberal left.

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It's always been about Biden skating and the white man shepherding in the next black person. They're fucking blind.

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Time to open up an IRA and find my own fuckin' social security.

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Who's the fuckin' fear monger now? Someone needs to ask her how many parents she put in jail.

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He should only agree to the debates if he's allow to bring his wife with him on stage.

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