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The Fed received a half trillion dollar slush fund in the 'stimulus,' bill, plus the legal right to operate in absolute secrecy.

Jerome Powell, a Goldman Sachs alumnus, it the Fed Chair.

The Fed is stronger than ever.

Thenew23rd [S] 1 point ago

If it doesn't pan out they'll move the goalposts. They went from motorized to rocket powered for ease of movement.

Thenew23rd [S] 4 points ago

I'm the opposite of a Bill Mitchel fan but he's right on this one.

Thenew23rd [S] 8 points ago

You are talking about the entire bloated Fedzilla bureaucracy. Red tape, delays, inefficiency and corruption are its mainstays.

Thenew23rd [S] 2 points ago

Everybody, stand up for Chuck.

Thenew23rd [S] 3 points ago

It's all been fixed. There was a snarky line in a Yahoo hit piece that said Trump is now the Fed chairman.

Guess who believed it.

Thenew23rd [S] 5 points ago

Good review. A lot of people hate free enterprise so much that it blinds them.

Thenew23rd [S] 1 point ago

Webb is the guy who did that idiotic 'Where's Eric Braverman,' stunt. He had his followers convinced Braverman had been Arkancided. It was moronic

Thenew23rd [S] 2 points ago

McConnell the mighty war turtle keeps the senate open via pro forma sessions precisely to prevent POTUS from making recess appointments.

Thenew23rd [S] 7 points ago

I hope OAN has a reporter there and that POTUS calls on him/her.

Thenew23rd [S] 1 point ago

Adrenochrome has a massive amount to do with it. That's the point. If half or more of Hollywood is using adrenochrome, somebody would be busted for it. Same with pedovoria. If as many people are eating babies as the copypasta claims, at least one person would have been arrested for that particular crime.

Thenew23rd [S] 5 points ago

Maybe he's right. The DOJ has targeted Trump supporters and for all practical purposes left the Trump haters alone.

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