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The basement appearances have been 100% scripted and still haven't come off very well.

Otoh, Biden held it together for the last Sanders debate.

So it remains to be seen.

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This is an all too possible scenario. Barr does not have a good track record of holding the DOJ or FBI accountable.

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This is absolutely true.

Jmo, but I believe that after his historic win, Trump was operating in good faith. He just didn't realize at that time how many people who should have been his allies were actually snakes in the grass.

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Well I don't quite agree with that assessment.

Report: Rush Limbaugh Has Had Enough of Chris Wallace and ...


Once again, anti-Trump hack Chris Wallace went after President Trump. During a speech at the Newsum, Wallace let it slip why he hates Trump so much when he said, "I believe President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history…but many of our colleagues…see the president's attacks…as a rationale, an excuse, to cross the line ...

Anti-Trump Chris Wallace Has Mental Breakdown After ...


Fox News' resident anti-President Donald Trump voice, along with Shep Smith, Chris Wallace had a tantrum after the Mueller report was submitted. As it began to sink in that there was no collusion and that the entire 675 day excursion was a witch hunt Wallace and others began to lash out. Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway…

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That's true. But Michelle is different. She's likes being a celebrity. She likes the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But she has shown not the slightest desire for the huge responsibilities and hard work of campaigning, etc.

Of course, Obama managed to push a lot of that off onto Valerie Jarrett. But he also thrives on public adoration. Michelle likes her adulation in steady but controlled doses. She likes to be out of the spotlight when she chooses to be.

Compare this one trait. When Obama had taken two very big advances and produced no book, who saved his bacon?

Michelle. She collected all his notes and dumped them on Bill Ayers, who then wrote the book.

After they left the WH, both Michelle and Obama took many millions to write a pair of memoirs.

Michelle and her ghostwriter knuckled down and produced.

Obama did his usual: nothing.

What I'm saying is that the presidency would be a lot more stressful for a person who doesn't shrug everything off onto other people. It suited Obama but it would take a lot out of Michelle. She knows this so she chooses to relax and enjoy her wealthy, undemanding lifestyle.

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Not a sleeper. Wray was recommended by Chris Christie before Trump realized Christie was playing for the other team.

Revealed: Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ...


That individual was former New Jersey Governor ChrisChristie. At the 3:30 minute in the interview, DiGenova discusses corrupt cop Chris Wray. He also states that it was Chris Christie who recommended him. ChristopherWray is a card carrying member of the Deep State. DiGenova says that he was a Mueller and Comey protege.

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The last two points are very strong.

  1. Joe Biden Has Yet to Explain Why Tara Reade Was Fired

Reade claims she was fired by Biden’s Senate office in retaliation for the harassment complaint. Investigative reporter Rich McHugh (one of the only good guys in the media who’s actually looking into this) says he found an intern who worked under Reade in Biden’s Senate office, and this intern verifies Reade abruptly disappeared at the time in question.

If Biden is innocent, personnel records would make this the easiest Reade allegation to debunk. But Biden has so far not only refused to release those records, no one has bothered to explain why Reade was fired, and if she was not fired, why she left.

Again, one lie begets a million little lies.

Joe Biden’s Engaging in a Cover-Up

I’m sorry but “cover-up” is the only way to define Biden’s refusal to come out of hiding, his refusal to answer these questions, and, most especially, his refusal to release pertinent documents.

Again, compare Biden to Kavanaugh, who went before the country to profess his innocence and who publicly released his calendar and other documents from 1983, the year in question.

Bottom line: Biden’s videotaped history of inappropriate behavior, combined with multiple accusations, his deafening silence, his campaign’s lies, and his refusal to release documents, amount to the behavior of a guilty man.

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They just keep dragging it out though. It's so quick and easy to arrest Trump supporters. Apparently it literally takes years not to arrest Trump hating lawbreakers.

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Wow, very magnanimous of you not to force your wife not to wear a mask. Yes, I can well imagine that the unnecessary tension you are injecting into the relationship is adversely affecting the children.

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They've been allowed to drag it out until most people don't care.

Thanks, Sessions.

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Horowitz is the deep state fixer. His job is to minimize and neutralize swamp crimes.

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