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Know that I respect your opinion, but I truly beg to differ.

The abuser will often manipulate, and usurp the freedoms and the rights that we all posses and the shock of it all is often overwhelming.

Tara respected this scum as though he were her father.

Sadly, this type of abuse happens all too often and it goes unreported. Yet, that does not make it okay.

Fuck the liberal retards, this is about JUSTICE!

Screw so much impeachment BULLSHIT. Hey Sen. Schumer, you over there, Skeletor Pelosi, when will this be fully investigated?

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Hey, 'Creepy Joe', don't you think that instead of trying to play the role of President so very poorly, perhaps, just maybe, you will answer in full to this direct complaint.

I choose to stand with Tara Reade!

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The COVID-19 Virus will surely pass and America will be far stronger for it. The "invisible enemy" has met its match and will be defeated.

The US Congress will finally pass the much-needed legislation, and as importantly, the American people have sadly come to realize what most of the Democrats are truly about.

Before long, we will be back at work, and we will be back to normalcy. This will not be easy, but we will get it done. Regrettably, it will NOT be easy, but NOTHING worth having ever comes easy.

As importantly, Americans have and continue to come together, as evidenced by this short video. Truth is that there are so many more truly kind actions and events across this land that will never see the light of day, whereby friends are doing for each other, neighbors are helping neighbors and all manner of Americans are helping other Americans.

We are one nation, one people, United by all that we share, hold dear and have in common. Tragically, all too many in the US Congress, in both chambers, have truly forgotten who they work for. Their agendas, their motivations, their purpose and action or lack thereof only serve to diminish their value to US and to this nation. Continue to fight for ALL Americans, to do for the middle-class, and for all Americans, regardless or rank, wealth or religious affiliation, and you will surely be elected once again. If you are to Keep America Great, then you must do all that you can for your fellow citizens.

Companies of all sizes are stepping up. Creativity and innovation have been unleashed. This, ALL THIS is what America is truly all about. It is so nice to see this kindness and love for country, and for family, and for our fellow men unfold before our very eyes. At these times, party, and any bias matters not.

Thank you President Trump for all of your dedicated effort, for your leadership on behalf of US ALL in our fight to defeat the Chinese flu. Keep up the great work and please remain STRONG.

We are AMERICA STRONG! Much work remains ahead, let's get it done!

God Bless you! And may God Bless America.


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Instant Up Vote Pede.

Melania Is The best Trump Girl in the land!

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Consider it DONE. Godspeed to you, your Mom and family!

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Yep, I can certainly see that.

It will be very telling to see if Bernie gives Delusional Joe a free pass at the debate.

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Direct quote:

It’s clear that the Democrats see the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity rather than an epidemic. Having failed to bring down President Trump with ridiculous conspiracy theories involving Russia and Ukraine, they are desperately attempting to convince the public that he is somehow exacerbating the COVID-19 crisis. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, for example, issued a joint press release Sunday that included the following fiction: “President Trump continues to manufacture needless chaos within his administration and it is hampering the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.” Predictably, Pelosi and Schumer fail to provide any objective facts to support this claim.

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From article:

The level of media opposition and snark against President Trump is simply so ridiculous at this point there’s a desperation to it. So let us consider…

From the outset of Donald Trump’s entry into the world of politics he espoused a series of key tenets around what he called his “America-First” objectives:

The U.S. needed to have control over our borders,

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All to true, especially among the elderly.

F'ng Joe offered nothing new other than to politicize the Wuhan virus. No surprise there from this POS.

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Yeup, I in fact did get the MEMO.

I promptly proceeded to REJECT it. :D

We can do that in a free and Democratic Republic. And, Dictator Xi, Jeff Bezos and all the other losers and traitors can kiss my grits. :D

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Yeup, with Biden, if it wasn't so SAD, it would be very funny.

IMO, Tim Conway was great. Creepy Joe is simply a bad joke at best.

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This candidate is sadly and tragically looking to make this crisis into another opportunity to take down a sitting President.

Other than to criticize at length, there is NOTHING he offered other than we in the Deep State, we in the Dem party, we the full members of The Swamp, want 45 out.

REEEEEEEEEEE, Vote for ME says Sleazy Joe. Nope, Pass, Go kiss Obama's ass!

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Xi, you can lie to your own people, but can I tell you, separate from your prisoners, the Chinese citizens, the ENTIRE WORLD knows the truth.

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THIS, all THIS, coming from Sleazy Quid-Pro-Quo-Joe who accused the administration of xenophobia when 45 restricted travel to and from China given the Wuhan Flu source.

Biden is fully a POS!

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