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So glad to hear today, at the WH Presser, as asked, Potus said, NO, the election will happen in November, NO postponement.

Further, the election will NOT use any mail-in vote, separate from the current virus. Why NOT mail? Trump himself said that there is too much room to cheat via the mail.

Lastly, he stated that there will be Voter ID, when the election takes place.

This is as it should be. Trump understands and wants to protect the vote, and in doing so, he is protecting the American people and our republic.

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That there is the rub. This mother fucker does not want to give you, me or anybody a choice. He is pushing for his vaccine to be MANDATORY!

Expect that the Vaccine will somehow become available, miraculously, in a week or two. Gates will be praised for such a wondrous miracle vaccine. This then will be the solution. Hooray, let's get the vaccine. Nope, NOT me, I pass.

Problem = Wuhan Flu

Reaction = Everybody is going to DIE!

Solution = Take the Gates Vaccine.

These fuckers are desperately trying to kill us all.

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Thank you, and thanks for your note.

I don't get it. Gates is an American. Gates made his fortune here in the US. And now, it is abundantly clear that he has been hard at work trying to ruin our wonderful nation.

So I ask one very simple question?

Who the hell ever cast a single vote for Gates such that he can do what he is doing? NOBODY!

This destructive and misguided evil agenda as pushed by Gates, the WHO, the CDC and too many other cowards hiding behind the curtain MUST be addressed and eliminated.

Please take a look here: https://youtu.be/82XXjJPJncg

God save US all, and our country from psychopaths like Gates and his friends.

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Now more than ever, we need POTUS to fight for America!

No, just like the Wuhan Flu, aka the Chinese Flu, NO NEED to panic. Yet, there is a need to respond to this CONTROL AGENDA and summarily reject it.

It always pays to be on top of the evil and misguided notions of some Billionaires that DO NOT have the best interests of the American public. No, this has nothing to do with the old CIA bullshit misinformation related to CT, or conspiracy theories used to defend their crimes.

In fact, this has everything to do with keeping and safeguarding our country, fighting for our FREEDOM, and remaining a sovereign and independent country. Sadly, there are very many that are against Making America Great Again, never mind Keeping America Great.

Do please look into Event 201 as pushed and funded by Billy Gates and his friends at the WHO, the UN, and the eugenics crowd.

Do also look into the ID2020 project. That is yet another effort to deploy the CONTROL AGENDA supported by the Corona flu. According to the eugenics crowds, the magical key to this will be the 'wondrous' vaccine that fixes all.

Yesterday, the governor of New York state stated that, "nothing will ever be the same". Please do look at this presentation. What did Andrew Cuomo mean by that? Why is he getting so, so, so much air time? This SOB is working an agenda, an evil agenda which is NOT good for our nation.

Dr. Faucy, wants everybody tested. More than all else, he does not seem to care about medicines that are actually working in treating the WuHan flu. All he wants is that fabulous VACCINE that he wants all Americans to take. Bear in mind that the more of your DNA that you supply freely, the better for this crowd to design and create the very next virus meant to cull the heard. It is that simple and all too many are fully ignorant and simply complying.

Remember, the COVID crisis is over and done with if medicinal treatment is available. The good news is that IT IS! Hydroxycloroquine and the Z pac works. There is too much and growing evidence for that. Why would the vaccine be needed if this is the case? Why is Dr. Fauci rejecting these medicines?

In the meantime, shut down America! They are basically putting the country out of business and the majority of our leadership in the US Congress is all too quiet. The MSM would have the US shut down until next year. This shutdown will serve to fully destroy what is left of the middle class.

All of this is catastrophic and will devastate our country. Do please look into everything herein written and become engaged and informed.

Mr. President, know that all eyes turn to you in this monumental fight to be rid of all too many diabolical agendas none of which are good for America.

Mr. President, may God bless you and may God always bless America.

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Write an executive order making it a picture ID card, in the form of a drivers license or State issued ID, a requirement for anyone attempting to vote in any National election - And let the heathens howl.


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If we all wanted and demanded a clean election, paper ballot IMHO, is the way to go.

Through the USPS technical capability, the Dem party would fully destroy all too many votes from very specific counties, by exact zip code, such that somehow, AMAZINGLY, Biden, or maybe Nipple Ring Cuomo beats 45 in a landslide.

We would all then be forced to accept the lies and ensuing bullshit. Trump gone!

Nope, no need to postpone anything. Not a fan! In the meantime, the Dems can postpone their convention or even cancel it. Po, po, po, Bernie!

"virus of the day" Spot on!

The Chinese Flu pandemic is NO more. All we need do is to take a Hydroxychroquine and Z pac treatment, virus GONE.

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Yep! 100%

No different than when the DemonRats leaders first started calling it the WuHan Flu in January, and suddenly it is RACIST, or XENOPHOBIC to call it the CHINESE FLU. These fuckers are totally TRAITORS in very high places.

Total dumbasses they are, but worse yet, hell yeah, they did it on purpose. Remember Obama's CoS, 'never let a crisis go to waste!"

Fact is that what they want is to have every American vote by mail. This way they can surely cheat and beat 45. That's their traitorous agenda!

Come November, I shall vote nice and early and IN PERSON!

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LOL. I agree, but what matters is the critical message.

That very same message is a fact that the snowflake Neoliberals do NOT want anybody to hear.

In the meantime, Nipple Ring Cuomo keeps screaming:




Cuomo will then store them so that they are ready for the expected apex which is coming, he hopes is coming, will certainly be coming, never mind good news on the treatment of this virus.

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The good news is that the cure is known and available. Ask your doctor to please prescribe: Hydroxychloroquine and the Z pac. You will be just fine in soem 3 to 6 days.

Medical crisis, lockdown, PANIC, etc, etc., is OVER!

Godspeed Pedes and God Bless America!

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Agreed. Thank for your reply.

What makes it so very challenging for 45 is that he is truly surrounded by agents of all too many agendas NONE of which are good for America.

America needs to do for itself NOW more than ever. That does NOT mean that we fully isolate.

It fully means that we should and MUST take care of our own first, and foremost, and only when we are back to full strength, do we even consider funding so much bullshit like the UN and all their Global government programs and assorted bullshit that give America ZERO benefit.

Trump should consider building Innovation and Technology centers throughout America as part of an infrastructure plan. Otherwise, the initial investment will eventually end and any multi-decade potential would slowly wither.

He can engage centers of learning such that very many young Americans can get specialized training to then become the employees of so very many companies that would surely be born, grow and offer great products.

Once again America can lead both in Technology as well as new planetary breakthroughs in various fields of study such that we can blow away the competition.

That is how America can dominate this century and well beyond, never mind the warmongering, and criminal, Globalist bullshit about The Project for the New American Century.

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As would be expected, 45 now has to sell the idea after first presenting it.

I simply hope that the new prosperity is built such that it can be sustained. There are ways of ensuring that too if built properly. :D

Trump has something up his sleeve.

Yep! I too can't wait given how it will all be fully beneficial to the USA. Obviously, the traitors will surely oppose throughout.

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Sadly, the same goes for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, and Wapo, etc., etc. These bastards are all in the employ of those that DO NOT love America.

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America needs far more INSPIRATION, far more LEADERSHIP, far more SELFLESSNESS, never mind all the LIES, CRIME and UGLY coming from Piglosi, and Mummy Schumer.

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Sorry to have to share some horrible news with you. Let's please talk about macro economics and get past the tired political talking points.

The currency is already destroyed. Why? How about all the FREE Repo printing by the FR of all too much worthless paper money as conducted by the Fed to prop up all too many banks? Don't believe me, but please look at the Federal Reserve's balance sheet.

What do you think that the European Union has been doing over the past decade plus? Allow me to share some more bad news. The central banks all over Europe have also being doing some generous Quantitative Easing. In fact, they are at QE-7 or maybe more. Germany, Britain, Italy, France, and even Japan have been running their printing presses 24/7.

Who was in charge of running the Cali high-speed rail project? Enough said! The Dems use every single large scale public project to turn into simply a great money laundering opportunity to help their political agenda. Screw the project, there is always MORE money for that.

What do you think happens when the CCP spends billions and billions of funds to create so very many projects all over China, and when they run of of funds to pay, they simply devalue their currency, as needed, and at will? Have you heard about Ghost Cities? In effect, they are using the world's assets to do what they are doing and we are all paying for it.

Trump would be very wise to push on this because a great and modern infrastructure would allow America to compete internationally moving forward and now more than ever that is a critical necessity.

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NPR should lose its public funding given how they are fully biased and simply repeating the Democrat psycho-babble which is working against America.

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Direct Quote:

"Twitter has forced Fox News host Laura Ingraham to take down a tweet reporting on news that the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine has been used to successfully treat sufferers of the Chinese virus in New York City hospitals."

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Direct Quote:

"The error rate in the files undertaken by the internal accuracy review was over 93% (3 compliant out of 42 reviewed). These were the FISA files with the greatest possibility of being accurate. Let that sink in…"


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Oh I am very much thinking about it. Why is it just fine to perhaps spend several trillions plus fighting a war against Iran, but it is not ok to invest in our nation?

In addition, what 45 is proposing to kill the Obama emissions crap would also come into play.

There is no better time than now to do this. Especially so given the changes in the Fed Reserve.

Trump can make certain that the same old BS that the Dems do for their pork barrel BS does not happen. This is no different than how the CARES Act took out so much Green New Deal crap out of that bill.

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Know that I respect your opinion, but I truly beg to differ.

The abuser will often manipulate, and usurp the freedoms and the rights that we all posses and the shock of it all is often overwhelming.

Tara respected this scum as though he were her father.

Sadly, this type of abuse happens all too often and it goes unreported. Yet, that does not make it okay.

Fuck the liberal retards, this is about JUSTICE!

Screw so much impeachment BULLSHIT. Hey Sen. Schumer, you over there, Skeletor Pelosi, when will this be fully investigated?

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Hey, 'Creepy Joe', don't you think that instead of trying to play the role of President so very poorly, perhaps, just maybe, you will answer in full to this direct complaint.

I choose to stand with Tara Reade!

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