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Roger Stone has already responded to this POS on Parler:


For those of you who can't see it, here's a copy-paste

Roger Stone @rogerstone · 25 minutes ago · 12k


Since my innocuous and innocent exchange with the persona of Guccifer 2.0, the full text of which I released publicly took place AFTER the publication of the WikiLeaks disclosures and the content of the exchange prove no evidence of collusion or collaboration, and the fact that Mueller’s intensive investigation turned up no evidence that I possessed or knew about the content or source of any of the material published by WikiLeaks prior to it’s release, Mueller‘s statement today is a bitter-grape smear. If Muller had evidence that I was involved with Russian efforts to obtain and disseminate stolen data, why didn’t he bring such an indictment? In fact, Muller justified case being assigned to Judge Amy Jackson based on the fact that he would introduce evidence obtained in the “Russian hacking” case at my trial but NEVER produced any such evidence at trial. How many times can these discredited dirty cops recycle the same lies?

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What he said about the President having to overrule Barr...

A LOT of pedes on here have been complaining about Barr for awhile now, including me.

Hopefully President Trump is about to whip him into shape.

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Hahaha! You're right! It's the Trump blessing. Good on you, pede.

I made matching donations to Stone and the Trump campaign because I've been waiting for this day and I'm so happy about it.

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Every day, I'm not kidding, I've gone to the front page in hopes we'd have a sticky saying President Trump had pardoned Roger Stone.

Commutation's even better because Roger wants to take down that corrupt judge, jury and prosecutors. I am SO damn happy tonight!

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Roger's on the warpath now. He's gonna get that bitch so good, I can't wait!

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I got banned over there for 2 days when I haven't even been there in months. Still haven't read their message, so who knows why.

I only found out because I followed a reddit link somebody posted here on TD.Win.

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Oh yeah! I've often said the same thing. They'll complain no matter what, because they're just evil.

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Democrats already bitching, of course. Remember, Hillary very badly wanted Stone's head after he wrote the Clintons' War on Women.

She's still running things at the DNC.


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I did, it was great. Watched Styxhexenhammer666, too. After a couple of hours, Styx just said, "We got this, I need my chamomile tea now. Good night." haha!

I was also, of course, on the_donald all night. It was fantastic!

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Roger was on Infowars the other day and said he really preferred a commutation because he wants to drag that crooked judge's name all the way through the appeals process.

Makes a lot of sense.

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Know who I thought of when he talked about Castro saying, "How dare you call me Communist! I am a Catholic!!"

Nancy Pelosi, that's who. She used the exact same argument when confronted with the fact that she has hate in her heart.

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I liked the way he stressed that America already offers what could be considered REAL "socialism." The most generous nation on Earth gave him a home, food and a free education.

I'm gonna use this on lefties. We have plenty of social programs and don't need their communism. because this man wouldn't have succeeded without the opportunity offered by America. That's what really counts.

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Thank you! I scrolled down for just this reason -- to see if someone else had posted a link.

(Tip: putting an extra period after the "com" in the address bar works, too)

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It's true. I don't care of this sounds sexist or not, but women are astonishingly easy to fool.

They love those pretty lies.

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Haha yeah, I was enjoying the replies too so I wanted to share. :)

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