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You're right. She's a terrorist so that works.

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Those terms are acceptable.

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Omar is an absolute piece of shit. I've always detested her. Her family lied to get in. SHE lied and committed fraud to get her brother in this country.

It just goes on and on the crimes she's committed and Wray is a traitor to this nation.

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I believe that Killary, had she won, would have nuked us and blamed Russia.

I have ALWAYS believed this exact same thing. I was so convinced of it, I knew Trump had to win or it literally meant death.

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Oh shit! I never heard about that. Too bad.

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Didn't the Georgia governor make an anti-mask law first? Seems I remember he did.

edit: Yeah, Kemp gave an order in July that local municipalities can't mandate masks.

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Not only did she rob her "charity" does anyone remember the story about Hillary demanding payment from other countries before she would meet with them in her role as Secretary of State?

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We need a Federal order prohibiting courts from using their bogus "gag orders" that prevent people from speaking out against judicial abuse.

It's banana republic crap.

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well there goes voting in person. guess what these governors will do with those tests? "THERE'S A HUGE SPIKE!!!! OMG!!!"

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Oh yeah, if I were President Trump I would use this to the max.

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Is the president still demanding a drug test? I'd like to see this happen.

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First thing I noticed, so I scrolled down to find your comment.

We need something done about Twitter's election interference. It's outright fraud at this point.

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Remember which particular person got Judge Jeanine in trouble with Fox? Yep, it was Ilhan Omar.

Judge Jeanine questioned Omar's loyalty to the US Constitution and damn near lost her show because of it.

Fox News sucks.

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sexual assault

It's going to be this but 100 times worse.

You know how they ALWAYS project? Joe Biden is a pedophile. They've been trying to connect President Trump with Epstein in the public's minds for years and Gloria Allred is set to go with fake Epstein "victims" in NYC.

Rumor is the crooked SDNY is going to file some false charges in October as the October surprise.

I've been predicting this for a year and want to be wrong.

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Alex has been complaining about Parscale for maybe a year. Said he was arrogant and rude to Owen Shroyer.

Owen asked Brad how he felt about Alex's de-platforming from everywhere within the space of a day and Parscale said, "Who? I've never heard of the guy."

There's no way on Earth Trump's campaign manager (at the time) didn't know who Alex Jones was.

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The medical people that were supposed to be checking temperatures just up and walked off the job, right? That's what I heard.

Left Team Trump with no way to check people in. Antifa being allowed to terrorize rally goers didn't help either.

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There have been people in the Somali community fighting Ilhan Omar for years. Imam of Peace (forgot his name) brought this up some time ago and said these good Somali people were giving him important information about Omar.

It didn't go anywhere. This time it better.

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Yeah he did. It was a crowd of college kids which makes it all the funnier.

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One of the most ridiculous, laughable things Hillary ever did (and there were plenty) was making that dumb speech about the "alt-right" and their racist mascot Pepe.

My whole family was laughing about it.

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Here's this hack telling the POTUS "you have to understand" FFS!

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