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sure but we still need to get the truth out

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Care to explain what is possibly racist about this meme? Are you unaware of the wypipo “meme” made by the left? Of the fentanyl levels in Dr. George Floyd? Of the arson and shootings in the peaceful protests?

I’m sick of you fucking bitches acting like CNN and calling everyone “4chan racists” because a meme has a black person in it. So please explain what you find racist extremism

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Dr. George Kirby was already an undocumented pharmacist. take that racist.

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Trump get this man a spot in the admin he’s a genius

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Every time I give him the benefit of the doubt he goes and does some swamp garbage.

He’s just covering up for Wolfe and the senate intelligence committee with his newest “outrage”.


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remove the stick from your asshole and build a space bow and arrow with it

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that's how they get ya! You have now been radicalized. Just a gud boy who wanted to talk about his vidya, now a full blown boogaloo boi

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