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The_Almighty_Kek [S] (1 point)

If it's Fleetwood Mac, then I must.

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (2 points)

Did he ever have a proper Thanksgiving MAGA hat? It would be cool to have a brown MAGA hat with a turkey on the front or something.

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (2 points)

I don't give a fuck. I'm not a libtard, so it takes more than that to make me boycott a business. (especially one so delicious)

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (5 points)

But isn't it supposed to accelerate anti-monopoly behavior?

Them being butthurt over this is a very good sign. I hope we can continue putting the screws to them.

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (2 points) *

Oh that's just wonderful. I wonder how many of those were fake Kentucky licenses that'll be used to submit votes in next year's election. Thankfully when I voted this month, they took my license and scanned it to check its validity. I just hope every precinct does this.

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (11 points)

You're at least smashing that deport button when you see them, right?

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (8 points)

What, were you being a cuck or something?

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (2 points)

Very artistic dankness

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (3 points)

Huh! So that's where Don Lemons come from...

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (2 points)

Ugh. I bet it sounded like slapping two raw chicken breasts together.

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (3 points)

Fuuuuuck I miss this picture. I remember all the clever custom adaptations of this. Seriously artistic stuff at times!

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