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So if Dominion voting systems routed raw voting data through this server located in Germany for the manipulation of vote flipping and the military has secured it for Trump at the cost of lives, why would it really matter if GA wipes their machines?

Anyone understand this please explain. Thanks

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They won't stop until bodies start to drop.

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Consume Bacon and read your bible pedes. Go old testament on these commies.

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Voting is the greatest right of free people. I always take my time in the booth to make sure everything I'm doing is 100% correct and I've voted for everything on the ballot. I have an extremely high level of confidence the vast majority of other people do also.

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Yeah we know pede but we're here to wake the normies coming in here and deliver red pills. You been watching the mod posts about TD.win climbing the Alexa rankings? Not dooming.Just keep it in mind is all I'm saying.

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Sunday gun day

Saturday hatterday

Melania Monday

Tiffany Tuesday





It's all good pede. These things build the MAGA community and give the pedes hope and faith.

Relax, trust Trump, trust team kracken. God's got this.

In God we trust.


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In his tweet he reassured everyone he only gave them copies, not originals.

probably gonna be leaked and deboonked

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Then wear a tinfoil hat like the guy in the vid. lol

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Joe Biden messiah, raising millions from the dead.

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Merkel took away the peoples constitutional rights when this started and it didn't stop? Hmmmm....

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General Flynn kraken the whip!

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Respect the opinion of people who actually see and have first hand knowledge of child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse but look the other way to be able to take handfuls of cash from the same?

I think not.

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Not shown.. tri- corner MAGA hat.

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Stalin would just hang you and take your business. Trudeau, Soros and the World bank are going to buy the rope and insist you hang yourself, then take your business.

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Small business with the middle class is the main target of the great reset all over the western world. The US is not immune, look at Democrat strong holds. Trump 2020 is the last stand in the world my pede. Free people around the world are PRAYING for a Trump term 2 to destroy the MF'n swamp maggots.

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You don't qualify for that option, didn't win the lottery or inherit when granny died of Covid? Oh no, that sucks.

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