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Thank you so much. I know he loves me, and I should show that to him more. I think often about people whom I have may have done wrong and I pray to him that he lets them know that I am sorry.

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No, at all. I am afraid and will bawl for this country if that vile goblin Biden gets in.

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This ass-clown is more obsessed with taking pictures of himself than I am. Jesus fucking Christ. And I’m 21! He’s 50! FIFTY!

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Even the most conservative women are wolves in sheep clothing. The Fox New’s host chicks, I’m coming for ya! lmao

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Hey, I hate libshit actors just as much as you do, but no Deniro or Jeffery Dean Morgan slander from me.

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Eh, apolitical teenage years. I now see it as childish and immature and this is the nail in the coffin for me.

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