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I smell fuckery afoot.

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It'll end in the courts, and we'll have our result within time, get some sleep if you haven't yet, it's gunna be a looooong week.

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God, these rallies remind me of the old WWF, when that heel comes through the curtains and the crowd is chanting they love him and the people backstage are like, we got something here... but this is now reality... Trump is the heel, and he'll sweet chin music anyone that gets in his way... FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT!!!!

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Trump's rallies are fun as shit to watch. That reaction is something else!

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It's only this dystopian if you personally allow it to be. You have the choice to fight against this too, by just being your normal self and saying fuck off to the mob. Go live your lives. Pull the social media plug. And go outside.

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I'm wondering if he just marked something down that the voter might've forgotten to do, or maybe fill in a bubble all the way. He clearly has a pen on his desk, same with everyone else.

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Same here! I absolutely love my home state. It's so huge too! I haven't even been north of San Francisco yet and I've lived here for quite a while. But it's hard to travel and surf up there when I have 80 degrees and no wind today in Venice. Can't wait.

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It's too bad local law enforcement can't do their jobs either, then the FBI can focus on all the child trafficking, they don't need to be anymore distracted than they already are.

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Do you not realize though, that when you call someone's home a shithole all the time it kinda gets a little old? There's so many california pedes on here, and they're absolutely sick of being called a shithole. It's not. It's diverse, and anybody smart enough would start investing in each city immediately. Especially dependent on where you live. I'm sorry, this isn't ca ommunist state. And if you really think it is, show me where Lenin's hideout is and show me the mass starvation, political executions, and oppression. Show it to me. And of course some of our cities have it rough, they're run terribly because of socialists, but because of that we have to tell the people they're all going to hell because of where they live? Trump was a fucking moron with this tweet, and he needs stop being so dense all the time. The blue/red state rhetoric needs to end, or he's going to lose votes by the minute with this nonsense.

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Thank you for answering my question, although I'm going to stick to my opinion, fiercely, until people realize that the unoriginal and trite commiefornia rhetoric only sows division rather than bringing together unity. That's not what we want here.

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Sure, but could you possibly highlight the points in my statement that project how I'm being a pussy? Or maybe answer this question, is standing up for the republicans in California, a state that constantly gets shit on by the T_D, something a pussy would do? Is criticizing the president something a pussy would do? Maybe I don't understand what your definition of pussy is... or maybe you're one of the one that gives republicans a bad name... I don't know... just feel free to keep pushing me away or hopefully explain why you choose to call people that you disagree with a pussy.

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Yeah, it's a scary proposition, but its not like it hasn't already been implented in the private sector ever since the Obama administration. It's a shame that people don't understand affirmative action is one of the most racist programs you can direct within a poor society, the manifested segregation alone will highly and likely lead to an actual race war, instead of what we thought was disguised as a class war.

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

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