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Should have happened the day after the J-20 riots, and when Pro-White protesters at Charlottesville were ambushed by these scum with bottled fermented piss, crowbars, clubs, and literal homemade flamethrowers the DOJ put the victims in prison.

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The stars and bars are a flag of Southern pride. If flying the stars and bars was an indication of treason you wouldn't have a military whose fighting class is disproportionately southern.

Go down South and the men waiving the Rebel flag will be the most patriotic men you'll ever meet.

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Here's an example of this piece of shit trying to get Americans fired for exercising their First Amendment rights (names redacted).

For those of you unfamiliar with Christian Exoo, he was big into trying to get Proud Boys and Nationalists fired. It's pretty clear though the account is run by multiple people, getting donations probably through the ADL or SPLC.

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My country where I don't want my family to catch COVID from some ghetto Jew who is spreading diseases at a massive funeral

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Enjoying their life = having funerals in the street of hundreds of maskless ghetto Hasidim

The disease is spreading like wildfire through their communities in NY and NJ because they believe gentile laws don't apply to them

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Maybe the Jews shouldn't be flouting assembly laws.

This isn't 10 Jews sitting down for a Minyan, this is hundreds of Orthodox Jews filling entire streets in Brooklyn

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Do you have the slightest shred of evidence DeBlasio is refusing to shut down Muslim gatherings. As far as I can tell, every single mosque in the city is closed.

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It's the fault of the Orthodox for refusing to obey the social distancing measures for funerals that literally every other religious group is obeying.

White gentiles are holding Zoom funerals, while these caftan-wearers are having massive funerals of hundreds of Orthodox in the the street

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You've obviosuly never lived in New York. Everyone knows who the Orthodox are in New York City are because they all wear the exact same unwashed robes. This is the funeral DeBlasio broke up.

Black, White, Puerto Rican, Chinese, no one in NYC likes these people

Google "NYC 100 worst landlords list"

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