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Next week. Or the week after. But the BOOM! is coming. Tick Tock and shit, lol.

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Biden will show up on Tuesday. There will be a debate. They'll pump Biden up on something to make him serviceable. Wallace will run interference for Biden. It will be vicious. Trump better be prepared. Tangling with the press is one thing, but he has to take a different tact in the debate. He has to be concise, succinct, aggressive, and on point.

Yes, Biden is a mess but for 90 minutes he might actually be cogent, depending on what they shoot him up with. Trump COULD destroy both Wallace and Biden but he better prepare his ass off.

If Trump shows up and tries to wing it and the cocktail they shoot into Biden's ass kicks in and works it will be goddamn embarrassing.

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IMO, if you move from one state to the next you forfeit your right to vote for five years. It would prevent a lot of the liberal flight into red states.

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Add in that these dumb kids were raised by that soulless and eyeless instrument called the TV as well as the video game and you've got an out of control ego fueled by delusions of grandeur.

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Shut up Emerald. You're a snake in the grass and everyone knows it. BTW, what ever happened with the DACA deal that you swore up and down was agreed to and ready to be implemented ?

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If I want to REALLY reclaim my time I'll create time travel, lol.

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Literally or figuratively ? I ask because she is a very pretty lady.

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If he picks her then it is a mistake, IMO. But hey, doesn't mean that Lee is right about her being the pick. I still think the Cuban woman from Florida is the best bet.

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Don't speak softly and carry an anvil.

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Remember during one of the early Republican debates back in 2016 when Trump got booed when he bragged about not having any supporters in the crowd because he didn't take any special interest money and that is why none of his supporters were allowed into the debate hall that night ?

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Don't thank me yet. I still watch my team - and my team only. I afford myself ONE game a week. Long story.....

EDIT: If I didn't have a favorite team since I was 6 years old I wouldn't watch a second of that shit.

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You put the NFL on the waiver wire and nobody picked them up.

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Should never have closed them down. BTW, lift the stupid ass 20% capacity rule for football games. Let 80,000 cheer on the Gators and 45,000 cheer on the Knights. I leave out Miami, USF, and Florida State because nobody goes to see their sorry asses anyway.

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