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My wife & youngest son are going driving tomorrow. All the beaches are closed in Florida so I am going to cruise to the middle of the state.

Sunshine & fresh air.

Not meeting anybody, just cruising and listening to music.

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Conservatives are still working keeping this country afloat

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She's not a dummy.

She realized that they have a huge problem with Trump. Their standard old tactic of having their media buddies lie & tarnish just does not work when the target out punches the media.

They failed to....

  • Russia, Russia, Russia
  • Stormy, Stormy, Stormy
  • Mueller, Mueller, Mueller
  • Impeachment and now
  • Chinese Corona Virus

When national tragedies happen, that is absolutely the worst time to be partisan. Even with bending the knee, this pork filled bill will be brought up later for the November election.

I understand Nancy has her own problems with the radicals within her party.

Too bad

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I am fine with it.

The United States is the most powerful nation on the planet. For many countries we are their protector in some ways. For other nations our friendship goes back many years.

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Here's the deal with Biden

He is the "None of the above" candidate & choice when compared to the 30+ nominees

But do not think that this is people thinking Biden is THE ANSWER and people are flocking to support him.

I am in the Tampa area. Florida will be a battleground again and the I-4 corridor decides the state.

I have seen Trump bumper stickers and flags galore.

I have seen a few.... Bernie bumper stickers, some not faded (2016) Warren I think twice Bloomberg once Mayor Pete once Yang twice

I have YET to see a Biden Bumper Sticker, sign or flag.

Biden is the "Stop Bernie From Tanking All of the Down Ballot Tickets"

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No amount of Viagra will get him going and no amount of alcohol will make her look attractive.

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I say the lab tech was careless, got infected and went to the meat market.

Lab techs in a Communist country get paid the same as factory workers

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And I thought "Escape from New York" was a movie

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Right now the United States and many other countries are scrambling to deal with a bug that started in China and its existence was withheld by China.

It opened eyes to many things.

International supply chain has become to dependent on one nation. Especially in pharmaceutical & medical supplies.

Expect nations to start divesting from China in a big way. If the Wuhan Flu was a one off, maybe China could mitigate it. But there have been several outbreaks in China and with modern fast air travel if the Communist party in China decide to hide the truth, whole countries that deal with China are at risk.

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IMHO no. The Dems and the Fake News failed the biggest hurdle. They can not blame Trump for the Wuhan Virus. His quick action to block flights from China prevented us form looking like Italy.

As for the economy, yes this will hurt the US Economy, but the public knows that Trump had it humming right along.

So the choice is a guy with a proven record of getting the US Economy going vs a guy who doesn't even know what he is doing or where he is at.

I think this will blow over within 2 months and the recovery will begin and by the time November hits, the Wuhan Flu will be a memory.

Also for added benefit, we will also know when the Fake news realizes that they failed to pin Wihan on Trump....

When they go back to Russia Russia Russia

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I think between now and the General Election, the server hosting images for will require triple the cooling as it will be contai8the hottest memes on the planet

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I wad supposed to be in DC for Spring break vacation. My younger two kids have never been. Was also planning a day trip to Gettysburg.

I cancelled Friday.

So we are still home in Florida. Everything short of the beaches are shut down.

Planning on doing the DC trip after school let's out for the summer.

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Buy a stick of chewing gum and receive for FREE a 1/4 roll of toilet paper. (Cardboard tube not included)

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It will be a woman or person of color. One that checks both boxes would work in their minds.

The DNC also needs someone that might be able to placate the super wacky left.

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Breaker 1-9 Radio check

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Hmm, one day after the DNC & Fake News effectively finish off Sanders.

Tom Hanks NBA Congress staffer Broadway in NYC

The timing smells

With a full pandemic, they can cancel campaign events & debates where Joe would be vulnerable. Force people indoors where they and inundate with more Fake News

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Can you imagine being the company of that ONE brand of butt wipe?

Even in a perceived emergency, nobody will buy your crap.

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I have a feeling they will ramp this up and close all points of public gathering.

Tom Clancy Executive Orders if you want a reference

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This burning sensation just exceeded another burning sensation she already had.

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The NAZI's were ahead of their time?

Why dont we just cut back on all interaction and use our portable 4 inch screens to communicate......Oh wait, we allready do.

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